Friday, September 26, 2008

My little flasher

The last few days we've taken Trevor to school Colin will tell me he has to go to the bathroom. The ladies in the office are nice and let us use the bathroom in the nurse's office every time. Well I was onto his little scheme and made him go to the bathroom before we left for school today. When we got to school I let him out of the stroller to get a drink. He then came up to me and said, "I have to go pee pee." I told him he did not, he went before we left. So Colin goes out to the grass where all of the kindergartners were running around and playing and proceeded to pull down his shorts and underwear ALL THE WAY, a big smile on his face, looking at me the whole time. He was in the process of trying to pee when I got his pants back on and marched him to the office to use the nurse's bathroom. After he went he turned to me and said, "See Mom I did have to go." Well, well I guess I'll listen to him from now on.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What we've been up to

I have not posted in a while because it seems the day goes by much faster with Trevor in school. Even though he goes for a half day I feel like I am running around all morning and after he gets home and then before you know it I'm looking at the clock and it's time to make dinner. But here is a little update on what's been going on at the Eyre house....
Trevor: He's doing so well in school and has really improved in his listening skills. We were so happy last week when he got a stamp on his hand every day for being good in class. He is learning so much and really seems to enjoy school. I see him on the playground playing with new friends and he works very hard on his homework.
Colin: My friends and I started a playgroup for Colin and their sons Aaron and Nathan. All of the boys are about the same age. They have loved playing together and it's something they look forward to each week. It's fun seeing Colin playing with boys his own age and they are all pretty funny to watch when they are together. Next week we'll start going to the library for story time and I know he'll love that. Colin also has a little crush....Dave and the boys were telling stories the other night and Dave said, "And the Princess was named Mama Kasey." Colin said, "No, the Princess is not Mama Kasey, it's Colby's Mom." We walk to school with Colby and his mom and Colin just loves her. He always wants to give her hugs and talk to her. He got to go and play with her today so I could go to Trevor's class and he loved that.
Logan: He's almost 9 months old and he's crawling, standing and trying to walk when he stands. He's into everything and loves to go in the playroom with his older brothers. They usually let him play with them but sometimes they will start to yell "TROUBLE" when he's messing with their stuff. He finally got some teeth but now it seems they are all coming at once now! He's been a little miserable at night, but seems to be doing better. I can see so many bumps in his mouth of teeth that are coming and it looks so painful but he's a trooper and does well.
That's all for now!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Logan's New Talent

Logan finally figured out how to stand up in his crib. Colin wanted a picture with him so this was the result. Colin seems to like Logan a little better now that Trevor is at school and he has no one else to play with. Just moments before taking this picture Colin was trying to get Logan out of the crib since Logan was crying and Colin wanted to make him happy. Luckily Colin did not succeed.