Saturday, July 25, 2009

The simple things

Dave and I would often laugh at Christmas or on birthdays when the boys were babies and were more interested in the wrapping paper and box than the actual gift they got. He would always say, "They are so amused by the simplest things." And it's nice when it's still like that today.
A few weeks ago my dad was over doing something and asked if I needed anything from Home Depot. Joking, I said, "Yeah, a BBQ." A few days later he knocked on my door with a new BBQ. I have loved having it and I've tried new recipes and grilled up some tasty dinners. But Thursday night when I pulled the grill around and told the boys I was just making hot dogs that night they got so excited. Trevor wanted to have a picnic so once dinner was made I got the blanket out and joined them in the backyard. They thought it was so much fun. On Friday my friend invited me to the park where they had some water toys. The boys have been swimming a lot this summer but the mention of the "water park" and their eyes lit up. They had a blast running around getting wet. It's often still those simple things that they enjoy the most and bring the biggest smile to their faces. (Yes, that is Colin wearing long sleeve pajamas outside in the middle of summer. I can't seem to get him out of those pajamas. He loves them and wears them ALL the time.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

33 days and counting

I've always looked forward to going back to school. When I was little I loved seeing the first commercials on TV advertising all of the back to school sales. I loved going shopping for new clothes and shoes, backpacks and lunchboxes. I was always excited to see my new classrooms, meet my teachers and see who was going to be in my class. I loved looking in my school books, flipping through the pages, looking at the pictures and seeing what we were going to learn that year. I liked school so much I would play it at home all of the time. When I was a teacher it was even more exciting when the summer started to come to an end. I liked making lesson plans, decorating my classroom, practicing what I was going to say on the first day to all of my new students. When I stopped teaching I'd always get a little sad when school came around because I had nothing to look forward to. But this summer in particular, I have been anticipating the beginning of school since the middle of June. I like the order school brings. I like needing to wake up and get ready and out the door for something. I like planning my day around dropping off and picking up from school. And I'm not ashamed to admit I like the break I get with school. I like that Trevor and Colin are more excited to see one another, play together, when they are not home together all day long. It's nice going to the grocery store with one fewer child and nap time is especially joyful during the school year. And I am so tired of hearing my kids fight, cry, scream, yell, tattle-tell, talk back, complain, whine and a million other little things. So the countdown begins....only 33 days left of summer.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Beans

It's not very often that we're sitting at the table for dinner and I hear the words, "Mom, can I have more green beans? They're delicious." But maybe the next thing I heard was the reason for Trevor's new found love of green beans. "These are good, but the ones from grandma's garden are even better." Grandma's garden has been a fun thing for all of us this summer. Trevor will go out and pick peas and eat them right out of the pod (they are so sweet and good that way) and Trevor and Colin like to look and see what is out there growing. I guess people are right when they tell you that if you want your kids to eat vegetables you've got to get them in the garden and in the kitchen. Whatever my mom is growing, whatever the boys have looked at and picked they seem to be more interested in. Trevor and Colin both tried tomatoes the last time I put them in salad, they love peas and carrots and of course last night's green beans. Logan even ate his green beans which was a shocker to me. I always make the boys at least taste what is on their plate. "You might just like it," I tell them. And I think after tasting it so many times they are starting to like it. I've wanted to try a garden before I've just never know how to get started or what you're supposed to plant and when. But now that my mom has her garden growing and is a little bit of an expert on planting and caring for vegetables I may just have to have her teach me what she knows. I mean Logan goes out back and eats leaves off trees so I might as well have something back there good and healthy he can much on, right?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All boys

I don't know how many times I've been to the grocery store or Target, Wal-Mart, the library, anywhere with my kids and people have looked at me with a sad smile and said, "You have all boys?" as if I was walking around with two broken arms or something. What's wrong with having all boys? And I just have three of them. I know a few women who have 4 or 5 boys (no girls) so I wonder what people used to say to them when they went out when their boys were little. I'll have some ladies say, "I raised one boy and that was enough for me!" or others who will just step back a little and wait for us to pass by, watching to see if disaster happens. My boys are not always angels when I take them places. There are many times I have found myself at my wits end trying to get my errands done for the day without one more thing going wrong, trying to keep my temper so I don't get accused of child abuse in the middle of Smiths. But I think that's because they are kids and not just because they are boys. I just wonder where this thing came from that if you're a mom and you don't have a daughter there is something sad about your life, or that things are so much harder for you because there are no girls balance the "boy" in the house. I'll admit I really wanted Trevor to be a girl. I was a little sad when I found out he was a boy and I put my ballet shoes away, back in the closet for another time. Then, with Colin, I had a girl name all picked out. It was going to be Kathryn, Katie for short, and I was sure I'd get a girl. With Logan I still had a little bit of hope of getting my Chloe, but by then we were so used to boys that having a girl would have meant getting all new clothes and toys. But once we had Logan it just seemed to fit. They could all grow up together being the best buddies. They do make me crazy and they are loud and they fight, but I bet there are times when my friends who have all girls, or a combination of girls and boys, go through the exact same thing. So I guess the next time I get that look or get one of those comments I'll just smile and count myself lucky for being a mom, their mom.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been to Coronado Island at least 4 or 5 times in my life. I've been with my mom and grandmother, my sisters, I went with a groups of friends one weekend in college, Dave and I spent an afternoon there on our first anniversary and we took Trevor and Colin to play at the beach there about 3 years ago. I love the whole Island - I love everything about it and if I were rich I would have a vacation home there. I love the way it looks, the cute houses, the main street with the shops and restaurants and I love the hotel - the famous Hotel Del Coronado. Ever since the first time I visited Coronado and we walked around the hotel marveling at the beautiful grounds and lobby, looking at old pictures from when it was new and reading about it being haunted I've wanted to stay there. Every time we visit I have to sit on the beach by the hotel so I can turn around and look up at it every now and then. It's not an exotic location, a far away dream vacation that you spend years planning and saving for. But I've always wanted to stay there and one of these days, when it's my turn to plan our anniversary, or on a whim when I want a romantic weekend, a get-a-away from the kids and everything else, I'm going to book a room at The Del. But for now, I'm just going to dream about it.