Thursday, March 20, 2008


Every now and then I decide that I am going to attempt to make a loaf of bread. Usually I work all day long on it only to pull it out of the oven and find that it's too brown on top, gummy in the middle and just not what I had been hoping for. I have a friend, Tricia, who was my roommate in college many years ago. Tricia was a home ec. major (oh sorry, I mean Family and Consumer Science major) and she used to make bread for us very often. I was always impressed with her abilities at such a young age - she knew how to cook and clean, sew and decorate. She was the ideal mother-in-the-making. So whenever I would attempt to make bread I would always e-mail Tricia, tell her how I failed and ask what I needed to do to make it better. Well, the other day she e-mailed me and was telling me about all of her sick kids (we're all sick too so I could sympathize with her) and how she was going to go make wheat bread since she loved it and it made her feel better. I decided yesterday that I was going to try and make a loaf of my own. I have never tried to make wheat bread before so this was new to me. Well...after mixing (thanks to Trevor and Colin for helping to pour everything in the mixer) and rising and punching down and rising again I took two perfect loaves of bread out of the oven. I was so proud of myself I just had to show it off. It was perfectly browned on top, not gummy at all in the middle, but soft and delicious. I was so happy to find I have a new skill! So, don't be surprised if I start giving out loaves of bread for things now that I know how to make it!

Friday, March 14, 2008


My friend Jessica said her kids found the mud in her backyard. When her son Luke was over today to play I said to him, "I heard you have mud in your backyard." His face totally lit up and he said, "Yeah, I made a mud puddle!" He seemed pretty proud of himself. I have two pretty good mud pictures. One is of my brother and sister when they were little. I just think the picture is classic. The other is of Trevor when he was 2. We were working on our backyard (so we could move) and he had a ton of fun sitting and playing in the mud. It can't be all many of us have done those mud masks? I even had a mud body scrub once....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunday, March 9, 2008


We planned our trip to Disneyland to be around Trevor's 5th birthday and told him that was part of his birthday. The day before we were scheduled to go, Colin got sick. I took him to the doctor the day we were supposed to leave since I wanted him checked out before we got there and I didn't want him to get worse. We got some medicine for him and were off. Friday turned out to be the perfect day. The weather was so nice and we had a good time at Disneyland seeing everything and going on rides. The boys enjoyed all of the rides and Trevor said his favorite was Buzz Lightyear. Later in the afternoon we headed over to the California park and did some fun things there while Colin took a nap in the stroller. By the end of the day we were all starting to feel tired and sick and by the next morning we all had Colin's cold. We decided to go to the California park again on Saturday but ended the day short since we were all sick. We came home early, but still had a really good time. We already want to go back when Colin is turning 5 and hopefully next time we'll all be healthy and we'll be able to go during the week and not on a weekend. We all tried on hats and had two girls take our picture. It was the only picture we got of the 4 of us and it was right before we came home.
Right when we got into the park we saw Goofy and Pluto. Goofy took Colin's hat and was teasing him, but Colin wanted nothing to do with it. Finally he gave Goofy a hug.

Trevor put this hat on and said, "I can wear this because it's my birthday." A few seconds later an employee came over and had a button for him with his name on it. All day long people said "Happy Birthday Trevor." At the end of the day Trevor said he it was very nice that everyone talked to him but that it was enough and he did not need to wear it the next day.

We had to get a picture in front of the Castle! The boys were so distracted by everything to see we rarely got pictures of them looking at the camera.

In Toon Town the boys had a good time looking through all of the characters' houses and we rode on a roller coaster. Trevor said, "That was super fun!" when we got off the ride. I thought he'd be scared but he loved it.

Trevor sat on this train and told me to take his picture. He loved anything there that resembled a train.

We went into the Lego store and they had the coolest things to look at. The boys sat at the tables and just played (even though they were having fun on rides they missed playing with their toys). The boys play Lego Star Wars with Dave so we had to get this picture of the three of them.

Outside the Monsters Inc. ride. It was the only ride we did on Saturday but when we got off of it both of them said it was so fun so I am glad we stayed to do it. Colin seemed a little dazed the whole trip so I think it will be fun to go back when he is older and see if he remembers anything.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Red Rock

We went to Red Rock on Saturday with Dave's family. I hate to admit, but it's the first time we've taken the boys. They had a great time despite the chilly wind. Trevor and Colin both surprised me by being good climbers! We will definitely come back again since we all had such a fun time. Dave giving his boys a piggy back ride after hiking around. They were tired and wanted to be carried.
Dave with Trevor and Colin and his sister Debbie and her daughter Aubrey at the top of a mountain they all climbed. (I had Logan in a carrier so I could not climb up with them, so I took the pictures instead.)

Look at Trevor climb! He looks like Spiderman.

Trevor and Colin with their cousins Aubrey and Lauren playing at Red Rock.