Monday, June 29, 2015

House DIY Before and After

When we decided back in February to homeschool the kids, one of the things we wanted to do was close off the office/den a little and add more wall space for a desk and bookshelves. Once the new wall was up we needed to paint it so we decided to just go ahead and finally paint the whole house. Choosing colors was hard because my husband definitely has an opinion on home decorating. I really wanted grey walls, but Dave is more of a beige/brown guy. It seems every time we argue over colors, when I give in and go with what he wants, I end up loving it. After we painted the house (we did it ourselves with the much needed and appreciated help of my dad) we did our taxes and discovered we got money back thanks to our kids (gotta love that child tax credit!). So we decided to just go for it and get new floors as well. Dave and my dad worked on the floors for a couple months. It took that long because we had to chip out the tile, smooth everything out and then put the new floors in. Most of the time Dave did a little here and there after work and on weekends so it took a while but the money saved on doing it ourselves was well worth it. While Dave worked on the floors I painted the kitchen cabinets. I've always wanted white kitchen cabinets and I love how they came out. The kitchen looks so much brighter, clean and fresh. I love all of the changes we've made and that we were able to do it all ourselves. We still need to do baseboards, curtains and work on the office/school room, but those things will come. In the meantime, here are some before and after pictures:
Entry Way Before
Entry Way After
Living Room Before
Living Room After

Family Room Before
Family Room After

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Paint colors: Main wall color - Glidden Warm Caramel, Kitchen and family room accent wall - Glidden Soft Traditional Blue