Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family photos

Once a year for the past several years we've gone to take family pictures. We go to the same place every time since I always have a coupon and I think they turn out cute. I like pictures that are simple and we always get a shot where we see the picture and say "That is totally their personality." So Saturday was our day to go again since Logan just turned one and we were in need of a new family photo. I loved how they turned out this time. The boys had fun even though they could not follow directions for anything. But when we saw their pictures it was more them with Logan trying to get away, Colin looking like he's posing for a GQ cover and Trevor playing the protective brother, trying to keep Logan from running away. After we took pictures we went and got lunch (the one time a year I get Hot Dog on a Stick) and then let the boys play in the play area at the mall. It turned out to be a fun day and I love the way the mantel in the family room looks now with our new pictures. It's also nice when the boys are making me crazy I can look up and see those sweet faces and remember why I love them so much.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The little things

I've been noticing lately some little things that make me very happy.....
  • The last few nights Colin has eaten all of his dinner and said, "This is good, Mom."
  • Trevor has come home from school with a stamp on his hand every day for the past three months (that means he had a good day!)
  • Logan's sloppy kisses
  • I mopped my kitchen floor last night and no one spilled juice or milk on it during breakfast
  • When it's been time to clean up toys Trevor gets right to it and Colin no longer uses his usual excuse - "I can't cween up I siiiiick!"
  • I slept in until 7:30 the other day....I did not even hear the kids wake up
  • Listening to Logan talk in his baby babble
  • Yesterday Trevor and Colin played so good together - I don't think there was a fight all day
  • When I was at Target the other day the quilts I've been wanting for the boys' new room were 50 % OFF!!
  • The last few days I've walked Trevor to school I've had to take my sweater off because it was so warm

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Logan's 1st Birthday

We had a party today for Logan's 1st Birthday. I think the best part of any 1st birthday party is watching the birthday boy or girl eat their cake. I have done cupcakes for both Trevor and Colin so I continued with the tradition. Logan LOVED it! He dug right in and at one point he was licking his tray trying to get more cake. We wish the Eyre family could have been here for the fun. When we figure it out, we'll put a video on the blog so you can all watch the action.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam

Colin started Sunbeams on Sunday. The last few weeks his nursery class has been coming in to Primary for singing time to get them used to being with the bigger kids. They were quite the energetic group! We had only 5 kids on Sunday in his class and 4 of them could not stay in their seats for anything. Finally one of their teachers went to the nursery, grabbed some goldfish crackers and got them to sit and eat. Colin was a handful but he is also a pretty good listener so by the end he was sitting pretty well. After church, when we got home Colin was walking in the door singing the Sunbeam song and then when I asked how he liked his new class he said, "I had a good Sunbeam class." I did feel a little badly for Trevor, though. His teachers let us know through e-mail on SATURDAY they had moved out of the ward early. So who knows when we'll get teacher for him....we got five new teachers just to start the year and now we need one more....oh the joys of being the Primary President! All in all it was a fun Sunday that kept me busy. We are learning a new song though and I love it! The kids were learning it so well and it sounded great. It's called "The Family is of God" (go here to listen to it). I can't wait until they have the whole thing learned. There are such great songs this year I think the program in September will be a big success just from the music.