Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A couple weeks ago my mom said we had to come over to take pictures of the kids because her yellow flowers bloomed. I was over there with my sister and her kids so we got the kids together for a picture. Poor Macy always seems to be the only girl around, but her and Trevor are the same age so a lot of times they end up playing together. It's so fun seeing my kids growing up with their cousins and being friends with them. Trevor and Colin both really love Riley and Carson and it's so nice seeing the older boys take time to play with my boys. Of course Colin and Trevor want to do everything the big boys do, but ever since Riley broke him arm falling out of a tree he was climbing, my sister won't let him climb trees anymore so at least that is one thing I don't have to worry about my boys trying to do. But I can think back to when Riley and Carson were as little as Logan is now and it amazes me how fast and how much they have grown. It makes me glad to have pictures so we can capture them at their different ages so when they are big and grown we can go back and remember when they were little.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What I'll Miss

I know Logan is only going to be 4 months old in a couple weeks, but I can't help but look at him and think how much he has grown and how fast it's all going. I've never really liked newborn babies before....well I don't like the crying when nothing works to make it stop and the night time feedings and feeling like all I did all day long was feed and change and burp the baby. But it's been different with Logan. He's been a much easier baby than Trevor and Colin were and he has just seemed to fall into a good schedule so quickly for me. Maybe it's because I needed him to or maybe he is just adjusting well to our family. But last night I was looking at him while he was sleeping (he's in bed by 10 every night and sleeps until about 6) and he was all curled up with his feet under him and I said to Dave that seeing a baby sleep like that was something I would miss. I don't know why but I love looking at my kids when they are asleep and a baby all curled up like that is the sweetest thing ever. I have so many pictures of Trevor and Colin sleeping that way and I love to go back and look at how little they used to be.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Handsome Boys

Smiling for the camera.

Logan reaching for a toy...he is finally getting interested in playing with toys and Trevor and Colin are starting to have more fun with him.

Trevor and Colin at Red Rock with Grandpa.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Funner

This is a conversation I had with Trevor the other night.

Trevor: How old are you?
Me: 31
Trevor: How old is Daddy?

Me: He’s 33
Trevor: Then you can go to work when you are 33
Me: Well if I go to work then who will take care of you and Colin and Logan?
Trevor: A babysitter
Me: Well, it’s better for moms to stay home and take care of their kids
Trevor: But a babysitter is more funner.

After he said that I gave him a hug and told him babysitters were fun but that moms knew better how to take care of and love their kids. I like to think if I did go to work when I turned 33 that he would miss me and want me back home with him.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Greatest Grandmas

My grandma came over the other day with my great-grandma so she could meet Logan. I have pictures of all of the boys now with their great-great grandma and I wonder how many kids out there can say they have a great-great grandma? (actually they have 2!). When we had Thanksgiving Trevor counted all of the "grandmas" that were there and he counted 5 that day. There was my mom (his grandma), my mom's mom (his great grandma) and her mom (his great-great grandma) then there was my dad's mom (great-grandma) and her mom (great-great). I told him he was pretty lucky to have so many grandmas and that he still had another grandma (Dave's mom) and one more great (her mom). All of these grandmas may get confusing but I love that my boys can grow up knowing so many of their grandparents and learn what they all have to offer.

Trevor with his great and great-great grandmas.

Colin and Great-Great Grandma (we all call her Little Grandma because she is so small)

Logan and Little Grandma (wow, our boys really do all look alike!)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Laundry Days

I used to have one laundry day. It was Friday since it was the end of the week and (hopefully) all of my other housecleaning was done for the week. I used to be really good at getting it all washed, dried, folded and put away by the end of the day. Ever since Logan came along, though, my new laundry days are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Why is it that one little baby can cause my whole schedule to get off? I think it is because I no longer have time to do all of my laundry in one day so now I have to do it all in spurts and as we speak I have something in the dryer that needs to be taken out and folded (I think I'll turn it on again to get the wrinkles out - who has time to iron??), a load that has been sitting in the wash since yesterday morning (do I have to wash it again or will it be okay? The heat of the dryer will kill any germs from being left in the washer, right?) then we have all of the new things that need to get done - sheets from sick kids that need to be washed, mine and Dave's shirts, the boys pajamas (again leaky diapers from sick kids have caused us to go through all of the pajama pants in a couple days). I think one of these days I might get it all done, figure out how to run a household of two very active boys who make messes every where they go (don't get me started on the playroom) and one baby that seems to be crying to eat every time I turn around (didn't I JUST feed you?). And one of these days my husband will come home to a clean house, kids who are happy and smiling and getting along just perfectly, a baby sitting nicely in his swing happily playing with his toys, a nice dinner sitting on the table waiting for all of us to enjoy, and a wife who is not wearing sweats or pajama pants at the end of the day....how did June Cleaver do it all and still look so put together at the end of the day? Maybe that's why we have reality shows now.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smiles and Easter

I can never seem to get Logan to smile for the camera. He will be all smiles, grinning from ear to ear, and then as soon as I have the camera on him it's back to a serious face. So this picture is so far the only smile I have been able to capture. I am thinking we may need a professional to help us get a picture that smile of Logan's we have all grown to love.

Easter Sunday found us still with sickness in our house. Dave was still coughing as well as Logan so he stayed home from church with the baby. But Trevor, Colin and I went and had a good Sunday. I got the boys matching shirts and ties....Colin wore his until the opening prayer at church and wanted to take it off. (This past Sunday he wore his tie the whole day). The boys were excited to come downstairs in the morning and find their baskets full of candy and new bath toys and to find eggs that were hidden in the family room. Trevor looked out at the backyard thinking the eggs would be there - we told him the Easter Bunny sometimes likes to hide them inside too. After church we went to my sister's house for a yummy dinner and another egg hunt. It was fun watching the kids find the eggs, especially the ones Dave hid in some high places no one could reach.