Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sneek Peek

Here is a look at the boys' new room. There is still a lot to do, but I love how the paint turned out. I keep asking Trevor and Colin if they like it - Trevor said, "Yeah, but you should have painted the blue on top since I'm bigger." He thought there was too much green but I told him when it's all done there will be more blue. I think once it's al cleaned up and their beds are in they'll be more excited. Colin said "Oooo, I like it." He's easier to please. It will be fun getting all of the little extras in the room, moving their stuff in and getting Logan in a real room for once. It's all coming along and finally it's almost done!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What did you do with your tax refund?

On Monday night we had some guys come over to look at the room we've been working on upstairs. It's a little bigger job than we expected and we decided we needed some professional help. They started working on Tuesday morning and they just told me they'd be painting tomorrow. Even though my house is in shambles, there is plastic taped down everywhere and Colin tracked mud (the kind they put on the walls) all through the house I can see in my mind what it will all look like when it's done. It will be so nice to have the boys all upstairs in their own rooms, to have a door we can close when Logan takes a nap, to have an organized closet in Colin and Trevor's room so they don't have to have too much furniture in there and to have everything looking like it was that way in the first place. So thank goodness for our tax refund this year....what did you do with yours?

Friday, April 17, 2009


I have been wanting to work on some family scrapbooks so I've been looking through our pictures of the boys the last few days. I was amazed at how much Colin has changed from just a year ago and when I look at pictures of Trevor from when he was 2 or 3 I can't believe how little he used to be. I was watching Logan the other day and I said to Dave, "I remember Trevor at that age, but not Colin." I wondered if I was too busy with a toddler, potty training, babysitting my nieces and nephew and a one year old to remember much of that time. Colin and I sat at the computer yesterday and looked through his baby pictures. He was so cute and in his pictures I can see that Colin was always Colin. I worry about him sometimes because he'll often run off when we're at the store and I won't be able to find him. It's so true that you turn around and a second later they are gone. But every time I tell him not to run off because I don't know where he is, he'll look at me with those big eyes and say in all innocence, "But I knew where you were, Mommy." They grow up so fast, they change from one day to the next. Logan looks so big in his crib now when I check on him at night before I go to sleep. He's starting to say more words, starting to play with toys and his brothers better, starting to throw fits when he does not get his way. These pictures are of each boy at about the same age...they're all around 12-15 months in these pictures. Trevor is the first one in his dad's shoes, Colin is next with the bear (who he is sleeping with right now) and Logan the last with the sweet smile. They do all look alike, but they're so different - SO different. I always wonder what they'll be when they grow up. I hope Dave and I are raising them right so that when they do grow up they'll know who they are, where they came from and where they are going. I think I'm pretty lucky to have gotten the three of them. I hope they feel the same being stuck with me.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Zion weekend

My parents took us to Zion this weekend for a little trip. It turned out to be so nice and everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect, the surroundings so beautiful. The boys enjoyed hiking and being able to watch TV from their bed in the hotel while they ate snacks. It was the perfect little get-away weekend. I'd love to go back, but we have to wait until the boys get over the "can you carry me" phase.

Trevor kept making hand signals in every pictures we took. The boys loved climbing on the rocks and finding "caves".

This is what was right out the back door of our hotel room. There was a large grassy area where we played, had a picnic and enjoyed the sun.

The lookout point after our hike. It was such a great day with perfect weather. We even saw some deer and big horn sheep on our hikes and walks around the park.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Out of little mouths

Here are a few things the boys have been saying this week that have been a little funny:

Colin: "She has bootiful eyes" (about the woman on the cooking show I was watching)
Trevor: "Well, you don't know as much as I do because I go to school and you don't" (to me when I was trying to help him with his homework)
Colin: "There are no more bootifuls outside" (he calles Dandelions "beautifuls". I think it's because they will pick them for me and I will say "Oh how beautiful")
Trevor: "Don't talk to him like that. He's a baby and he doesn't understand." (to me after I told Logan "no" for getting onto the kitchen table.)
Colin and Trevor: "I don't have three arms. I can't do all of that!" (to me after I told them to get dressed, make their beds, and brush their teeth).
Trevor: "Oh! I think my wishes are coming true." (he thinks he found a four leaf clover the other day and said he made a wish. He said this today after I told him he was having a friend come over to play today, we were leaving to go to Zion tomorrow and he gets to go play at his cousin's house next week.)