Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whose idea was it?

Last night Dave and I were having trouble getting the boys calmed down to go to bed. Finally, Dave said "Let's just forget about them and watch our movie and relax." So we did watch our move - a few times during our movie I thought I heard the boys running around upstairs, talking and playing, but I just ignored them and enjoyed the time with Dave. Around 9:45 we go upstairs after the movie was over. I checked on Logan, put his blankets on and then went in the boys room to check on them. They were gone. Neither one was in his bed. Then I went into our room and Trevor and Colin were fast asleep in our bed. This morning when they woke up I said, "I found two boys sleeping in my bed last night." When I asked whose idea it was to go to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed Trevor said, "It was Colin's idea." I knew he was right since Colin is always the one to think of what to do at night to get out of going to sleep and Trevor usually follows along. Now that they've done it once I wonder if they'll try and do it again....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A little summer fun

My friend Tricia always has the best ideas for her kids. They make cars out of boxes and have a drive in movie night in their family room - she even pauses the movie half way and opens a concession stand so her kids can buy snacks. She always takes them to the library in the summer and has picnics in the park or in the family room if it's too hot. They have a garden that the kids help with in the summer and she likes to take them on field trips when they are not in school. This summer, since gas prices are so high, she decided instead of going away to go camping they'd do it at home. They put the up tent in the backyard, grill hamburgers for dinner or do foil dinners, roast marshmallows and make S'mores and then tell scary stories before going to sleep in the tent. They've already done this several times this summer so I decided it was time to give my kids a little summer fun. Inspired by Tricia's e-mail this morning I surprised the boys with the tent in the backyard. They immediately took out a blanket, pillows and toys and of course asked for snacks. I gave them their lunch in the tent and Popsicles since it's pretty warm even in the shade. I don't think we'll sleep out there tonight, but I'll keep it up so they have a few days to play "camping" and get outside a little. I am hoping they will have so much fun playing "camping" that we can plan a weekend to go for real.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are you a good cooker?

Our conversation at dinner the other night....
Colin (looking at the food on his plate in disgust): What is this?
Me: It's manicotti
Colin: I don't wike mani-cotti
Me (upset that I can never cook anything he "wikes"): Oh well that is what's for dinner tonight.
Trevor (taking a big bite): Mmmm, it's good. Mom, you're a better cooker than the food network.
Me (giving Trevor a big hug): See, your brother likes it.
Colin: I'm done (gets up and takes his plate full of food to the counter)
Later that night....
Colin: Mom, I'm huuungry.
Me: Too bad, you should have eaten your manicotti.
Colin (very angry): But I don't WIKE mani-cotti!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Half a year already?

Logan spit up in his crib this morning so I decided to give him a bath. When his bath was done and he was all wrapped in his towel I put him in the rocking chair so I could change his sheets. As he was sitting there he looked so cute I had to take a picture and I kept thinking I could use these for his 6 month picture in his baby book. Yes, my little guy is half a year old now. It's hard to believe all of that time has gone by and it makes me think that in the blink of an eye we'll be taking the Christmas tree down and getting ready to celebrate his 1st birthday in January. Here are some of our favorite things about our Little Champ:
  • His smile - not showing it here but he usually has a huge smile on his face.
  • His big blue eyes...the left one has a little brown spot in it so I think it's cool he's a little unique that way.
  • How good he sleeps.
  • His laugh
  • How content he always seems to be. He seems to epsecially enjoy watching his brothers play.
  • The way he chews on his toes. Babies are so flexible.
  • His loving personality. He can be with anyone and warm up to them immediately.
  • The way he knows all of us - he gets a look on his face when he sees me or his dad or brothers that tell us he knows us and he's happy to be part of our family.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Eyre Family Reunion

For our 4th of July weekend we drove to Reno to have a little reunion with Dave's family. It turned out to be a very fun weekend and everyone had a good time. We loved spending time together and watching the kids play and get along so well. We don't see his family often so we were glad for the long weekend we could spend with them. Some of the highlights were the boys tubing down the Trukee River (Trevor liked it but Colin said, "It did not like it. It was cold and I wanted to come home."), all of the good food, playing games at the park, painting birdhouses, sitting and talking, watching the kids play, watching Colin eat about 50 pieces of watermelon, seeing Dave and his siblings have fun together. My Aunt JoD also lives in Reno so we spent a little time with her on Saturday. Thanks everyone for the great time and we hope we can come again soon!