Monday, February 13, 2012

It's the little things

We may be a little slow around our house with certain things, but once we set our minds to it, dang, we're good! We took Colin out on Saturday to the official "Eyre Bike Riding Training Center" (aka the church parking lot) because we were ready for him to learn how to ride his bike. The last time we tried with Colin a few weeks ago, he just kept crashing and getting frustrated, but this time he was ready. He got on the bike and took off. Just like that, he pretty much taught himself. We have genius kids, I tell you. It was fun watching Trevor and Colin ride their bikes around together. If they ever decide to go out and ride bikes on their own, I do not know. Trevor has informed me more than once he is an indoor kid, not an outdoor kid. But all I care is that now they know and once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget, right? Now they can be missionaries and I won't have to worry.
Even though I am super proud of Colin for learning to ride a bike, I was super impressed with him the other day (even more than I was with the bike thing). Trevor brought home one of those "learn to draw" books from the library the other day and Colin said he was going to make a learn to draw book. So he got some paper out and went to town. It was the most amazing thing ever. "How to draw pictures, by Colin". I mean the kid is seriously destined for artistic greatness. What 6 year old kid makes a drawing book?
I love my boys. I love the little things they do, sometimes more than the big things. It's those little things that make me stop and pause for a moment and remember how great they really are.