Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Tuesday night our family went to the church where we had our annual Halloween Party. We started out with a soup dinner followed by a cake walk and then trick or treating in the parking lot. We had a great turn out and the parking lot was full of people who decorated the trunks of their cars to hand out candy.

Trevor went as a ghost and got a lot of compliments on his simple costume (thanks Mom!). Colin went as a lion (Trevor's costume 2 years ago) and he had fun practicing his roar. The kids could not sit still and kept running around with their friends and checking out all of the other costumes. Trevor was the social one of the night and continued finding a new table to sit at to talk to whoever was there, or going up to the big kids to show off his costume and ask them about theirs. It was a fun night and by the time Halloween is over we will have more than enough candy in the house.

Bonnie Springs

A few weeks ago my mom and dad invited the boys and me to go with them and my sister's kids to visit Bonnie Springs for the day. We drove out to Red Rock and then went a little ways past Spring Mountain Ranch to Bonnie Springs. It was set up to look like an old Nevada town complete with a small railroad, shops, a restaurant, an old graveyard and a petting zoo. The kids had a good time exploring the town and watching the bank robbery. After riding the train we walked over to the pond where the kids fed ducks and then ventured over to see all of the animals. Peacocks were running around everywhere and there were horses and bulls in pens. After seeing the animals that were fenced in we braved the petting zoo. Trevor and Colin had a good time being up close and personal with some of the animals and they were not afraid to reach out and pet them. I got a little nervous watching the boys getting so close to animals that were bigger than them, but we had no accidents and everyone left the zoo excited about what they had experienced. After the zoo we took a break for lunch and then rode the train one last time. It was a beautiful setting for a day outdoors and everyone had a good time.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Trevor, Colin and Little Champ

Ever since we found out we were having another boy Trevor decided his name was going to be Little Champ. That is what Trevor calls him and Dave and I find ourselves calling him that as well. I am on the search now for anything baby clothing that says "Little Champ" on it. So far I have found "little slugger" and things like that but not what we need.

Trevor is in preschool now - he goes 2 days a week and he seems to be liking it. He does a lot of fun things and always comes home excited to tell me what they did and, especially, what they had for a snack that day. I think he spends most of his time setting up his trains (Mom can I set up the Island of Sodor in the living room? he will ask - that is where the Thomas train and all of his friends live for anyone who does not know). He is way into "danger" when he plays trains. He always sets up the bridge so that when the trains go on it they will crash and fall and the other trains will come and rescue the one in danger. But Trevor definitely has the best imagination ever and he notices and remembers everything. When he is telling us something it takes forever because he goes into such detail with it all. Trevor for sure loves his brother and he can't wait for Little Champ to be born. He already tells me he is going to share is precious blanket and puppy with Little Champ and sing songs to him when he cries and he is going to pick him up if he falls down. Yesterday we were at my dad's house and my brother was there with his ten month old son. Trevor was so sweet to him and said "I'll take care of him, Mom." And he did. I can't wait to see how he is when his brother is born. He was good with Colin and he was only 2 when he was born so it will be fun to see how he is as an older big brother with experience.

What can we say about Colin. The kid is a disaster waiting to happen, but he always seems to come out okay in the end. Last night after his bath he almost swallowed a small toy he was playing with. Luckily Dave flipped him over and pounded him on the back and got it to come right out. But it scared us all, Colin most of all and I hope that will be a lesson for him. A few months ago I noticed how quiet it was upstairs and came up to check on the boys. What I found was Trevor playing the computer and Colin in the bathroom, Trevor's bottle of Singulair empty next to him. I asked Colin where the medicine was (how the heck he got the child proof cap off I will never know) and he pointed to his mouth and said "I eat it". I called Poison Control (for the first time ever - thank goodness) and the lady reassured me that the medicine was not harmful and he would be fine. Colin will climb and jump off of things, he is not afraid of heights, that is for sure. He is not cautious at all and if he sees Trevor doing it he thinks he can too. But he's so funny too with his facial expressions, funny comments and you should see him dance.

Halloween is Here

The boys can not be more excited for Halloween. Ever since I put the decorations up Trevor has been asking when he gets to dress up and go trick-or-treating. We have neighbors on our street who go all out when it comes to decorating their houses so each time we go out I have to drive slowly so they boys can see all of the pumpkins and "scary" stuff. We are headed to grandma's house today to work on Trevor's costume - he wants to be a ghost, but we're going to try and figure out how to make it so it will not have to cover his head completely. Colin does not seem to get the concept yet, so he is just going to be a lion since we have that costume leftover from when Trevor was his age.

I remember when Dave and I were first married the holidays were so different than they are now. We still celebrated them, but in a small intimate way and now we get more excited because the boys are so excited. I am taking the boys to Belinda's house on Monday and we're going to carve pumpkins, Tuesday is the trunk-or-treat party and then Wednesday we'll take them around the neighborhood. I will be a busy week but I am sure it will be fun for all of us.