Friday, October 28, 2011

My little missionary

A week ago today five girls were walking home from the park. There were three little girls ages 5 and 6 and two teenage girls. It was after 6:30 so it was dark out, but the girls were on the crosswalk. Unfortunately, a car did not see the girls walking across the street and hit the three little girls. We heard about it on the news and when the names of the girls were released, one of the names sounded familiar. When we got to school on Monday Colin's teacher confirmed that one of the little girls in the accident, Amelia (Mia), was in her class. That day the class made cards for Mia to send to the hospital, but that afternoon, she passed away. When Colin went to school the next morning his teacher let the parents know they would be telling the kids and there would be grief counselors at school to help if needed. When I got home that morning I kept feeling like I wanted to be at school. I wanted to see Colin and his classmates and make sure they were okay. One of my friends offered to watch Logan and I went into school. When I got to school his class was at recess. I went outside and met his teacher on the blacktop. She told me she had talked to the kids as soon as school started that morning and that some of them were having a hard time knowing their classmate and friend had died. Then she said, "But I think Colin's comments and positive attitude really helped the class. He said, 'I believe that she'll get resurrected because Jesus was so we'll see her when Jesus comes again.'" I have worried about him this whole week, worried that he would be sad or not understand, that he would have feelings he didn't know how to express. But instead, I saw his kind heart and his strong, sweet spirit. I told him he was a missionary for telling his class what he believed in and he liked that. Dave and I have always said that Colin is a very unique child. He is goofy and has a wild imagination. He will sit quietly for hours in his own world drawing. But we have also always noticed that he has a very kind and giving heart. He wants the people around him to be happy and he will often give up something he wants in order to make someone else happy. This week I was reminded how grateful I am for the things I have been taught, for the knowledge I have and that I can teach my children. Even at a young age they know more than we realize. I think they are smarter than we were at their age and stronger. Sometimes Dave and I wonder why we read scriptures or say prayers at night when it seems like no one is listening or being reverent. Every Sunday morning we wonder if we should just stay home and not go to church because everyone is fighting. But we do all of those things because we know we need to teach our kids. We do it so that they can be good examples to their friends and so they can be ready for whatever it is that comes their way. We do it because at any moment, even at the young age of 6, they are going to need those lessons to help them through. These kids are going to go out and do amazing things and no matter how pointless it seems at times, we need to keep teaching them because it is sinking in.

Monday, October 17, 2011

School pictures

I don't like buying school pictures. They are too expensive and a lot of the time I don't like the way the kids look in them. Their hair gets messed up, their smile is off, they have chocolate pudding on their face from lunch. So I took some pictures of the boys before school and this is their picture for the year.

Trevor: age 8; 3rd grade; Mrs.Martin's class

likes: having friends in his class, doing homework on the computer, recess, playing with Colin on the playground this year, art, music, library, PE (sometimes. He liked playing golf last week).

Trevor is doing great this year! He said 3rd grade is really hard with a lot of challenging work, but he's getting really good grades. His goal for the year is to get the A/B honor roll. Trevor has really matured over the summer and his behavior in class has been excellent. He likes his teacher and has a lot of friends in class that he's known since kindergarten.

Colin: age 6; 1st grade; Mrs. DeVoid's class

likes: eating lunch at school, the big kid playground, art, music, PE, library, doing science, playing with friends.

Colin has really enjoyed 1st grade and he has a great teacher! He has made a lot of new friends and his classmates are all so nice. He enjoys learning new things this year but it was a little difficult getting used to being at school all day. He's doing great in his subjects and comes home every day with fun stories from school.

Logan: age 3; pre-pre-school; Mom's class

likes: going to the library and the park, going grocery shopping, reading books, playing with Legos and computer, watching Backyardagins, riding his bike, walking to school with his brothers and carrying a lunchbox like they do.

Logan enjoys being home with me but really misses his brothers. Every morning we walk Trevor and Colin to school and when the bell rings, Logan has to give them both big hugs. He LOVES when they come home from school and he has a buddy to hang out with. He likes doing "homework" when his brother's do and he can't wait to go to school for real!