Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For Susie

Susie "tagged" me to do this about Dave so here goes...

What is his name? David Bradley Eyre
How long have you been married? 7 years in June (it's my turn to plan the anniversary!)
How long did you date? We dated 8 months before we got married
How old is he? He's 33
Who eats more? Hmmm...since I am pregnant I probably eat more, but after the baby is born we are definitly going to both work on eating better.
Who said I love you first? Dave did
Who is taller? Dave for sure
Who sings better? We both like to sing but I am sure he sings better
Who is smarter? Depends on what it is....okay I think he is smarter, but I got better grades in school. He is way better in math and stuff, and is better at coming up with good words for Scrabble.
Whose temper is worse? Dave's, but sometimes when I blow up he will calm me down.
Who does the laundry? I do, but if I ask he will help.
Who does the dishes? He puts away the clean dishes (mostly) and I load the dirty ones.
Who pays the bills? Dave does - he's a great provider
Who mows the lawn? My dad - Dave kept doing side work on weekends so we hired my dad to do it. Sometimes if he has no plans Dave will.
Who cooks dinner? I do - Dave used to cook for me when we were dating, but does not attempt it now. We'll see what he does when I am in the hopsital when the baby is born...
Who drives when you are together? Dave does
Who is more stubborn? Um, I think it depends on what the situation is.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? We're both pretty good at talking things out and apologizing.
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine since his live in Reno and mine live like 30 seconds away.
Who proposed? Dave did but I knew on our second date I wanted to marry him
Who has more friends? I think I do, but he hangs out with his more. I need to do more girls' nights.
Who has more siblings? Dave
Who wears the pants in the family? I'd say Dave, but we're good at making decisions together.

Christmas - Our 3 Day Celebration

Okay, so I'm not so good at taking pictures. We started our Christmas Celebration on Sunday and I got a total of 5 pictures - all of the boys on Christmas morning opening gifts, and not looking at the camera. But I have a good memory so that will have to do. Sunday we celebrated at my sister's house with my family (my siblings and our spouses and kids and my parents). We had dinner and the kids played and then we opened gifts. The best gift ever....We're going to Disneyland! My parents got us a Disney gift card so we can now take our kids. We're planning a trip for March since we've been telling Trevor since he was 2 we'd go to Disneyland on his next birthday. He'll be 5 in March so we can finally make good on our promise. Monday was the traditional Faircloth Christmas Eve dinner where we had aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins, grandmas and grandpas and even some great ones too. It was a lot of fun, a lot of people and a lot of food. Santa came to visit and Trevor waited patiently until his name was called last of all to go sit on Santa's lap. Christmas morning the boys woke up around 7, Trevor ran right downstairs to see if Santa had come. We read a little from the scriptures and talked about Jesus being born and the gifts He gives us before opening presents. Half way through Trevor said, "okay, okay..." wanting to get to his new Thomas train. It was a nice day - the boys played with their gifts all day long, mostly with the castle we got them and stayed in their pj's all day too. We had leftovers for lunch and cereal for dinner. Now, as Trevor said this morning "Christmas is over, let's take the tree down." But it was a good year, with lots of blessings and things to be grateful for. Now we have the baby to look forward to (we got the crib set up last night) and some fun plans coming up (here we come Mickey!) We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that the new year brings everyone we love much joy and many blessings.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Lights

I feel like we live across the street from the Griswalds - two houses that go all out for Christmas every year with a ton of lights and decorations. The other houses around us all do lights too and we are usually the only one of the neighbors that don't, but this year Dave surprised us all and put some up. They are simple but look really cute and the boys were so excited and they love to go out and look at them. That is one of their favorite things to do - look at the Christmas lights as we drive around. My sister's in-laws do a whole huge light show in their front yard that is all coordinated with music - you drive up to their house, turn your radio to a certain station and the lights dance to the music. We did that last week and last night we went to the Cactus Garden at Ethel M. and walked around looking at the lights there. The kids had a good time running around (we went with our friends Kevin and Jessica and their kids Luke and Katelyn) and afterwards we drove around until we found a doughnut shop to stop for a treat. It was a fun night and the lights and the cold, the doughnuts and hot chocolate afterwards made it feel a little more like Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

"Are you taking the baby out?"

This morning as I got the boys ready to go to my dad's house while I went to the doctor for yet another appointment, Trevor looked up at me and asked if I was going to take the baby out today. I told him I wished, but that it would be soon enough. We have one month to go before we welcome our newest addition and with all of the plans we have from now until Christmas I think the next 4 weeks are going to fly by like nothing else. There is a still a lot to do and I look around and see that we are not at all prepared (I need to wash his clothes, get the crib set up, buy diapers and wipes, get the bottles ready, stock up on formula....) but I think we will know a little better this time what to do. It feels nice to know his birthday is set and scheduled (and NO I don't want him to come early - I want it all to go as I planned) and it gives me a little peace of mind knowing what to expect this time.
We still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do (what do you buy parents who have everything?) and some fun things planned for the week - we're going to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory tonight to look at their lights (the have a cactus garden that they decorate for the holidays), Dave's work party is this week, along with getting goodies and gifts ready for friends and family. It will be a fun holiday with the boys counting down and lots of nights planned to spend with family and friends. We hope everyone has a happy holiday and we'll be sure to get Christmas cards out NEXT year for sure! (We will be doing a birth announcement soon enough and we want to include a family picture in that so I figure that will be good enough.) Merry Christmas!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend - full of family and friends, good food and four days with no work and time to do whatever we wanted. We had a nice weekend that started out with Dave getting up early on Thanksgiving to go target shooting with my dad, brother-in-law and the guys in his family. Dave had a good time and said he did a really good job at it. He had fun and I spent the morning with the boys. When Dave got back we went to the movies with my parents and saw the Bee Movie. I thought it was pretty cute and it kept the boys attention the whole time. While everyone else in the family ate with their in-laws on Thanksgiving day Dave and I stayed home with the boys and I made chicken in a biscuit for dinner. Yumm.

Dave's friend Matt arrived Friday afternoon and the two of them had fun catching up and then we all headed to my Mom's for our family's dinner. Trevor had fun counting all of the grandmas he had there (one grandma, two greats and one great-great) and playing with his cousins. We attempted to take a family picture, but the boys would not cooperate too well so maybe we won't be sending a Christmas card out this year.... We also celebrated my Grandma Dee's 75th birthday on Friday.

The rest of the holiday weekend was relaxing and enjoyable and we are all looking forward to Christmas now and the arrival of Logan (akaLittle Champ) in January.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Little Turkeys

Trevor made this hat at preschool today. The kids all looked so cute when they came out of class with these on. They started running around the yard, clucking like chickens. One more day until our holiday weekend starts. We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Day at the Park

No need to wait for spring or summer to have a day in the sun, it's better to have a day outdoors in November when the weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. Trevor Colin and I headed off to the park today and met up with my sister and her kids, my mom and dad, Grandma Dee and Dave. We all enjoyed lunch on the picnic tables and then the kids ran off to play (Dave running with them since he was needed to push the swings) and my sister and Grandma and I sat and chatted. Colin liked playing in the sand with Carson and Riley and then Carson took him on the BIG slides. Trevor and Macy (they are just 2 months apart) stuck together like glue the whole time. Those two play so well together they must have been the best of friends before they were born, they get along so well. It was such a great afternoon and a good way to start off the Thanksgiving week. My boys are sleeping now so I have a quiet house...but it's a little messy too so I better take advantage of cleaning while I can.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Weekend and Baby's Birthday

Saturday was such a beautiful day. We were standing in the grass at the park getting ready to launch Trevor's kite for the first time and I turned to Dave and said, "Is it really November?" With the sun shining and the air warm, a good breeze blowing, I held the kite and Dave took off running. When I let it go, the boys were all smiles (Dave included) as the kite, that looked like a dragon with his wings spread, rose into the blue sky. Trevor helped Dave hold the string and a few onlookers stopped to watch our colorful kite soaring through the air. After the kite flying we played a bit (Trevor climbing the "castle" and Colin wanting to just stay on the swing the whole time) and then we came home for lunch and naps. It was such a fun day and just perfect.

I had a doctor's appointment today and all is well. As I was getting ready to leave I asked the doctor if I could schedule my C-section so we looked at a calendar, called the hospital and got everything scheduled. I'll have the baby on January 18th! First my doctor suggested the 15th but I told him no since it was my birthday, even though Dave thinks I should have him on my birthday since Colin was born on his - but I have a choice here and Colin just happened to come on that day. I wanted to have the surgery on a Friday so I could be in the hospital for the weekend and Dave could take a whole week off from work and be home with me. I just wanted to plan it out that way I wanted since both Trevor and Colin were surprises and Dave always had to go back to work a few days after I got home from the hospital. It's nice to have it planned, to know when he is going to come and to feel like I can actually be prepared this time.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Tuesday night our family went to the church where we had our annual Halloween Party. We started out with a soup dinner followed by a cake walk and then trick or treating in the parking lot. We had a great turn out and the parking lot was full of people who decorated the trunks of their cars to hand out candy.

Trevor went as a ghost and got a lot of compliments on his simple costume (thanks Mom!). Colin went as a lion (Trevor's costume 2 years ago) and he had fun practicing his roar. The kids could not sit still and kept running around with their friends and checking out all of the other costumes. Trevor was the social one of the night and continued finding a new table to sit at to talk to whoever was there, or going up to the big kids to show off his costume and ask them about theirs. It was a fun night and by the time Halloween is over we will have more than enough candy in the house.

Bonnie Springs

A few weeks ago my mom and dad invited the boys and me to go with them and my sister's kids to visit Bonnie Springs for the day. We drove out to Red Rock and then went a little ways past Spring Mountain Ranch to Bonnie Springs. It was set up to look like an old Nevada town complete with a small railroad, shops, a restaurant, an old graveyard and a petting zoo. The kids had a good time exploring the town and watching the bank robbery. After riding the train we walked over to the pond where the kids fed ducks and then ventured over to see all of the animals. Peacocks were running around everywhere and there were horses and bulls in pens. After seeing the animals that were fenced in we braved the petting zoo. Trevor and Colin had a good time being up close and personal with some of the animals and they were not afraid to reach out and pet them. I got a little nervous watching the boys getting so close to animals that were bigger than them, but we had no accidents and everyone left the zoo excited about what they had experienced. After the zoo we took a break for lunch and then rode the train one last time. It was a beautiful setting for a day outdoors and everyone had a good time.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Trevor, Colin and Little Champ

Ever since we found out we were having another boy Trevor decided his name was going to be Little Champ. That is what Trevor calls him and Dave and I find ourselves calling him that as well. I am on the search now for anything baby clothing that says "Little Champ" on it. So far I have found "little slugger" and things like that but not what we need.

Trevor is in preschool now - he goes 2 days a week and he seems to be liking it. He does a lot of fun things and always comes home excited to tell me what they did and, especially, what they had for a snack that day. I think he spends most of his time setting up his trains (Mom can I set up the Island of Sodor in the living room? he will ask - that is where the Thomas train and all of his friends live for anyone who does not know). He is way into "danger" when he plays trains. He always sets up the bridge so that when the trains go on it they will crash and fall and the other trains will come and rescue the one in danger. But Trevor definitely has the best imagination ever and he notices and remembers everything. When he is telling us something it takes forever because he goes into such detail with it all. Trevor for sure loves his brother and he can't wait for Little Champ to be born. He already tells me he is going to share is precious blanket and puppy with Little Champ and sing songs to him when he cries and he is going to pick him up if he falls down. Yesterday we were at my dad's house and my brother was there with his ten month old son. Trevor was so sweet to him and said "I'll take care of him, Mom." And he did. I can't wait to see how he is when his brother is born. He was good with Colin and he was only 2 when he was born so it will be fun to see how he is as an older big brother with experience.

What can we say about Colin. The kid is a disaster waiting to happen, but he always seems to come out okay in the end. Last night after his bath he almost swallowed a small toy he was playing with. Luckily Dave flipped him over and pounded him on the back and got it to come right out. But it scared us all, Colin most of all and I hope that will be a lesson for him. A few months ago I noticed how quiet it was upstairs and came up to check on the boys. What I found was Trevor playing the computer and Colin in the bathroom, Trevor's bottle of Singulair empty next to him. I asked Colin where the medicine was (how the heck he got the child proof cap off I will never know) and he pointed to his mouth and said "I eat it". I called Poison Control (for the first time ever - thank goodness) and the lady reassured me that the medicine was not harmful and he would be fine. Colin will climb and jump off of things, he is not afraid of heights, that is for sure. He is not cautious at all and if he sees Trevor doing it he thinks he can too. But he's so funny too with his facial expressions, funny comments and you should see him dance.

Halloween is Here

The boys can not be more excited for Halloween. Ever since I put the decorations up Trevor has been asking when he gets to dress up and go trick-or-treating. We have neighbors on our street who go all out when it comes to decorating their houses so each time we go out I have to drive slowly so they boys can see all of the pumpkins and "scary" stuff. We are headed to grandma's house today to work on Trevor's costume - he wants to be a ghost, but we're going to try and figure out how to make it so it will not have to cover his head completely. Colin does not seem to get the concept yet, so he is just going to be a lion since we have that costume leftover from when Trevor was his age.

I remember when Dave and I were first married the holidays were so different than they are now. We still celebrated them, but in a small intimate way and now we get more excited because the boys are so excited. I am taking the boys to Belinda's house on Monday and we're going to carve pumpkins, Tuesday is the trunk-or-treat party and then Wednesday we'll take them around the neighborhood. I will be a busy week but I am sure it will be fun for all of us.