Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three Day Weekend Pictures

Here are the pictures from our weekend with Dave's sister Debbie and her husband Chad.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three-day Weekend

Dave's sister Debbie and her husband Chad came into town on Saturday to spend a few days with us and then they were going to stay at a hotel on the strip for their anniversary. It was fun to have them here. We had a good time going out to dinner, making chocolate fondue for dessert (it was so easy to make and SO good I don't know why I don't make it more often - the boys would LOVE it) and just hanging out. On Memorial Day we all headed to the strip and checked Debbie and Chad into their hotel and then went to the Bellagio because we heard they had trains set up in the garden. The boys loved seeing the trains. Afterwards we walked down to watch the fountains which Trevor and Colin really enjoyed. After saying good-bye to Debbie and Chad we came home and all rested a little bit and then I made a picnic dinner and we ventured out to the Dinosaur park. After eating and playing we went to get ice cream. As I was putting the boys to bed that night Trevor said his favorite thing of the day was seeing the magic water. My favorite part was just hanging out as a family - I don't think since Logan was born we've done an outing like that with all 5 of us. I think it made all of us excited for our trip to Reno in July...hopefully we'll all survive the drive.

Of course I forgot my camera...I will post pictures when Debbie e-mails them to me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthdays and Updates

I am so terrible with scrapbooking and all of that and I always forget to tell about occasions. I write more about just the everyday things and the special days tend to go by without mention. May 9th was Colin's 3rd birthday and Dave's 34th birthday. For Dave I planned a surprise game night at his friend's house. He thought we were going on a date with another couple so I really did fool him. He had a fun time and I was glad I could do something special for him. Colin went to Disneyland the weekend before his birthday and got a birthday button to wear while he was at the park, but my parents said he didn't want to wear it. He also got an autographed picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We had his party on Thursday the 8th - pancakes for dinner since they are his favorite and cupcakes and presents here at home. He wanted to wear his pajamas to his party so that is why in the pictures he has them on. On his birthday Dave took him and Trevor camping for the Father/Son camp out.

The pictures of Logan are just some I took when I saw him looking cute. The one of him sitting up on the couch was taken on his 4 month birthday and the other two were just cute ones of him sleeping. I though it was funny he fell asleep with his toys in his hand and the other one of him sucking his thumb was so cute. One of these days I'll get a scrapbook together....or maybe I'll just have my boys look up my blog in the future so they can read and look at pictures of them when they were little.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cute Stuff

Trevor says the funniest things sometimes. Here are a few from just today:

"Mom, I am tired of walking up and down the stairs. I want an ellagater." (that is how he says elevator). Thanks Lisa for the ride on your mom's!

"I think I want to be a crossing guard. Then I can put my hand out and stop the cars, or I can move my hand and make the cars go." I then explained a police office directs traffic and a crossing guard helps kids cross the street on their way to school. So then he said, "Well then I'll just be a train conductor."

And last night I was downstairs and the boys were in bed. I hear Logan just coughing like crazy so I come upstairs and Trevor is sitting up in bed. He says to me, "Mom, I said a prayer so Little Champ could get better because he is sick. I think that will work." How sweet is that?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Alone....Almost

My parents took Trevor and Colin to Disneyland and so I was home alone with Logan. I took advantage of having just one child and took Logan to get his pictures taken. I was so happy with the way they turned out and we got some really cute shots. I can't wait to go back and get some cute pictures of all three boys together. It amazes me that you can look at at picture and it will bring out an emotion. These pictures of Logan made me laugh out loud and some just captured his sweet personality so well. I can't wait to see my boys tonight and see the pictures my parents took of them on their trip and hear what they have to say about everything they got to do and see at Disneyland....hopefully they won't think they get to go again in a few months! They're definitely getting spoiled.