Saturday, November 11, 2017

Good and Beautfiul Homeschool

Three years ago when I decided to pull the kids out of public school to homeschool them, I had a vision of what it was going to be like. I could see the boys lounging around the house reading great books, waking up every morning excited for a new day of learning, science experiments in the kitchen, amazing field trips, the house filled with classical music while the boys worked on art or poetry writing. The reality has been much different and sometimes I feel like I'm still trying to figure it all out and get it right. One of the biggest challenges I have faced has been finding the right materials to use to teach them. I promised myself when I started that I was NOT going to buy curriculum for my kids. I wanted to piece together everything on my own, write my own lesson plans, create my own curriculum, and make it all exactly what my boys needed. I knew that nothing out there was going to be tailor made for my kids and I would just have to do it myself. Last year, as I was struggling with my 3rd grader and trying to find something that he wouldn't tell me was so boring and stupid and dumb, I came across something online called The Good and the Beautiful. I had never heard of it before, and from the way it looked I figured it was expensive. I almost ignored it, but I was curious so I clicked. And then I kept clicking and looking and reading and searching. The Language Arts curriculum looked amazing and there was a FREE download! I immediately downloaded Level 3 and spent the next several days looking and reading through everything. I started using some of the lessons with my son. I was amazed that he didn't complain. I was even more amazed when he started enjoying school more and I was enjoying my time teaching him. After sampling Level 3 last year I decided to try and use the full Language Arts program for him this year. The prices, compared to other homeschool curriculum, are amazing. I love how the lessons are set up and all of the new things he's exposed to in each lesson. Our favorite this year has been the Creative Companion book. My son loves the maps and artwork in the book. I can take the lessons and add different elements to expand on what he's already learning. This curriculum has really been a blessing to our homeschool and I wish all of the time I had found it sooner (or that my boys were younger so I could start over and homeschool all of them using this). Even if you're not a homeschooler, these materials would be amazing for summer or for those kids who love learning and want to do more on their own. Today you can also download the Book List for free by clicking HERE. This has been an answer to prayers and is giving me the ability to teach my son the way I always imagined I could.