Thursday, March 3, 2016


Today we did a Disaster Simulation for Trevor's STEM class mid-term project. We had to pretend there had been a major earthquake. Trevor broke his ankle, Logan had a concussion, Dave was trapped at work with no way to let us know how he was. We had no running water, and we had to "help our neighbors" turn off their gas because of a leak. The part of the simulation I was most worried about was when I announced to the boys that we had no power, no internet, and all electronics (even battery operated ones) were down. They grumbled a little, one boy threw a pretty major fit, but we went ahead and turned everything off. We unplugged for 3 glorious hours. The first thing I noticed when we turned everything off was the peace and quiet. There was no fighting, no bickering, no noise whatsoever. The house was quiet and it felt calm. Colin and Trevor spend the time reading books and magazines. Not once did they complain. Logan and I played games and we talked. Then, when he wanted to read, I had time. TIME. I couldn't look at my phone or turn on my computer to work. I couldn't check out Facebook or Pinterest. I couldn't sit mindlessly in front of the computer and waste my time. I used that time to read and to think and to plan. I sat and enjoyed the quiet and the peace. And I loved it. I loved the time where everything was off and I wanted it to last. It didn't last. I had to work and the simulation ended, but I was left with the impression that we NEED to unplug. Maybe once a day or even just once a week, but I think we need it.