Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY - Decorative pillows

I am not a crafty person, nor am I good at home decorating. But one of my New Year's resolutions was to learn more about interior design/home decorating, so I've been determined to make/buy something for my house. For the longest time I've wanted some cute, decorative pillows for my living room couches. These couches were our first ever new furniture purchase when we were newlyweds. We bought them when we bought our first house and they have been the best couches ever. They were inexpensive and they are 12 years old and still in the best condition. But they needed updating. I tried a slipcover but it looked horrible. Dave told me to go find some cute pillows, but they are so expensive. I could not bring myself to spend that much money on a few pillows. And then I saw THIS post on one of my favorite blogs and decided I could do the same thing with place mats. I ran to Target, found some place mats on sale for $2.48 each and made my own decorative pillows. So cute, super cheap and easy (especially if you have an awesome mom who can sew!). I love how they turned out and the splash of color they add to the living room. Go buy a place mat! Make a pillow!