Wednesday, October 20, 2010

School picture day

School picture day was last week (I think) but we had just sent some cute pictures to Grandmas and Grandpas so I decided not to buy any this time. And, the last 2 years when I have gotten Trevor's pictures his smile comes out all wrong, his hair is messed up and it's just not that cute. So before school on picture day I told the boys to sit right down and I took pictures of them. Now even though I think Trevor is a super cute kid, his two front teeth are just sad right now. I am sure one day he will grow into his teeth (or else he'll need braces to get everything nice and straight), but for now he is going to have to go through that awkward stage of all of the teeth falling out and coming in funny. So here are their pictures for the year. Of course we couldn't leave out Logan - and darn it, I didn't even fix his hair that morning!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


For my dad's 60th birthday he decided to take all of his family to Disneyland! Here are some of the highlights of the trip: Logan seeing everything for the first time (and being scared of almost all of the rides except for the rides in Bug's Life); Colin saying, "That was awesome!" after going on Pirates, the first ride we all did together; seeing how they changed the Haunted Mansion ride to Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween; seeing my kids hanging out with their cousins; being able to hang out with my siblings, their spouses and my nieces and nephews; seeing my grandma go on all of the rides with us and the happy look on her face as she took everything in; watching the fireworks from our hotel window and hearing the boys' reactions; seeing a bride get into her Cinderella carriage and Colin saying, "See Mom this place is magic!", beating Dave BIG TIME on Buzz Lightyear; watching my bro-in-law run around the park all weekend getting fast passes (we were so organized); my boys not fighting and getting along so well; my boys asking to go to the Lego store over and over again (they kept calling it LegoLand); Dave massaging my feet each night; being with my whole family for a weekend.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disney Dance

We went to Disneyland this weekend and before I post the pictures and tell all about our trip I have to post just one thing first. While we were there Colin and Logan were dancing fools. When they would hear music around the park those two would start bopping their heads and moving around. A few times they just got out there and started dancing and I was smart enough to get it on video. It was so entertaining and funny to watch but the part I loved best was that they just wanted to have fun and they did not care where they were or who saw they just wanted to dance.