Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Letter

I did not do a Christmas card this year. I am sorry. I hope our friends out there don't think we're ignoring them when they open their mailboxes day after day and do not find a card from us. This blog post will have to do.
These pictures are the ones we just got done. They are hanging on our wall. I love them and I love my friend Celise who came over and took pictures in our home in the attempt to get our boys to actually cooperate in front of a camera.
We've had a year of ups and downs and recently it seems like the blessings are pouring out on us. We have learned to appreciate the things we have and to stop worrying about the things we don't have. Our family is what is most important and we have been trying to just focus on that. Through the hard times this year, sicknesses, losing our house, struggling with money and other issues we have been through the Lord has blessed our family in so many ways. We always have enough for what we need and when times start to get difficult something comes along to lighten our load or help us to remember what matters most. We have 3 amazing boys! At times they are wonderful and loving and a joy to be with. At other times they are difficult and frustrating and demanding. But we love them no matter what. The Christmas season is always full of magic and wonder, peace and love. We're trying to teach our children to be like Jesus as we get closer to the day where we celebrate His birth. If we can have His peace and spirit in our home then we will have everything we need. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The house that built me

There is a song I hear on the radio that I just love. It's called "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert and of course I cry when I hear it. I pretty much grew up in the same house my whole life and so I can relate to that song. And I want for my kids what I had. A house where your roots got dug down deep. When Dave and I got our first house we knew we would not live there forever. We knew it would be the starter home, the one we started a family in and then moved along when we started to grow too big for it. And we loved that house. It was a good house. And we had fun looking for it. Our second house (pictured above) was supposed to be "the house." The one we raised our kids in, the one they came home from college to visit and home from their missions to. And we had fun looking for that house. I remember when we first walked inside we both got that "this is it" feeling and we knew that was the one for us. But things happened and that house is gone. And now we're looking again. Except this time it's not so fun. It's stressful and frustrating. There is a lot of waiting and unknowns and more waiting. And all of the houses we've looked at I haven't had that "this is it" feeling and that is really bugging me. I want the right house, on the right street, in the right neighborhood, in the right ward to raise my boys. But then I was thinking today and I thought it's really not about the house. Not really. I mean we want a house we like, one that fits our family, something we'll enjoy. But really, it's about who is in that house. The family we are, the friends who enter. That is what is going to build us, build our boys. Not the house, but the people who enter in it. Now all I need to do is just remember that and all will be well.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We went out to lunch on Saturday with Dave's parents who were here in town visiting. When the waitress came to the table I noticed she was limping. I had just been to the foot doctor and got my foot all wrapped up so I wondered what was wrong with her. The next time she came to the table I asked why she was limping. She told us she tore a ligament in her knee. I mentioned it was too bad she had to work with a hurt knee and her response was, "The doctor didn't want me to come to work but I begged him to let me work. I am the only one who takes care of my kids so I have to get paid." At that moment I was so thankful for my husband. So thankful for the work he does for our family so I can stay home with our children and so thankful for his knowledge and skills that have always allowed us to pay our bills. We don't always have money for the things we want, but we always have money for the things we need. I have been reminded so often these past few weeks of how blessed I really am and it's something that I've needed. I love how the Lord knows what we need and when we need it. I love how He shows His love to us in even the smallest of ways and how those moments stick with us through the tough times to pull us through.