Thursday, January 31, 2008

More Pictures

My sister found this outfit at Target and brought it to the hospital when I had Logan. I had looked everywhere for anything that said "Little Champ" and found nothing and she just happened to come upon this on a sale rack. It was way too big for him three weeks ago and now it fits perfect. He's definitly a growing boy.
This is Trevor's beloved Puppy. Dave and I got him when we went to France and he's been with the family for three (almost 4) years now. Trevor told us he was going to share Puppy with his new brother when he got here and he has. Whenever Logan is in the swing Trevor will give him Puppy to hold. I think Trevor took this picture.

We were hanging out upstairs taking pictures of Logan and Trevor wanted in on the fun. Instead of taking the picture this time he wanted to be in it. We are waiting to see if Logan will have blue eyes like both his brothers...

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Car

As soon as we brought Logan home from the hospital we knew it was time for a new car. Getting three car seats in the Rodeo was challenging enough but once the kids were in the car seats it was a whole other story. The kids were so squished and Trevor and Colin would often fight, and I would be driving yelling the whole time, "Stop touching your brother!" Dave and I went out on Saturday to look and see what was out there and what the prices were, but we came across this great deal that we didn't want to pass up. So we came home Saturday night with our new (well new to us) minivan. It's a 2004 Dodge Caravan and I love it. The kids fit well and there is SO MUCH ROOM. I love how it drives and I am excited to take it grocery shopping and around town. We are also looking forward to driving it to Disneyland in March (YIPEE! We can't wait!) and the to Reno this summer to visit Dave's family. We could not have found a better car for us at a better time. Dave said he is officially old, but I said, no we're officially a family of 5 who just needed a bigger car.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pictures By Trevor

Trevor took these two pictures of Logan and me with Logan. We gave Logan a bath and when he was all clean and in his new jammies Trevor wanted to take pictures of his brother. He just kept snapping away with the camera and got some good shots. Maybe he'll be a photographer someday (instead of a trash man, like he always says he wants to be).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's more fun to mix colors

When we first got the play-doh I would always tell the boys, "Don't mix the colors." They loved playing with it, but eventually it dried out. We got more for Christmas - just the little containers so we had a ton of different colors for them. I got it out today for them to play with because they kept asking me to fix their Transformers and I could not figure them out (I think you have to be male to be able to transform them). So we got everything out and the first thing I see Trevor do is mix two colors together. My first thought was to quickly separate the colors as best I could and tell them to not mix them again, but then I thought, "What the heck?" So we mixed all of the colors and watched as the play-doh formed cool rainbows of colors. We made snakes and spaghetti, pizza and turtle cookies. They played with it for almost an hour and I must say it was a lot more fun with the colors mixed. So I guess I learned from my boys today that it's okay to break the rules and be creative and get a little messy. I guess in a house full of boys I am going to have a lot to learn. Dave is always telling me to let them be boys - the house is going to be loud and they are going to jump and run and make messes (we can always clean it up later). I need to enjoy it while it lasts because I am sure someday I will wish my boys were still at home mixing the colors.

Friday, January 18, 2008

"Stop hitting my brother!"

Here is another one of Trevor's comments that just made me laugh. When we first brought Logan home from the hospital and I was starting to burp him after a feeding Trevor looked at me and said, "Mom, stop hitting my brother." I tried to explain to him what I was doing but he was not convinced. He told me I was hurting him (probably because as I would pat Logan's back he would jerk around and make noises) and that I needed to be soft. So now, when I burp Logan Trevor will often look at me with concerned eyes and say, "Mom, you're hurting him," and stand by just in case his new little brother needs to be rescued.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


People keep asking me how big Logan was when he was born and more of the details, so here is a little "close-up" of him.
Logan was born 3 weeks early and he weighed 6 lbs 10 oz. He was 20 inches long. So far things have been good at home. The first night was a little crazy with him waking up every hour or so and not sleeping very well (he slept great during the day though!) But each day has been getting better, with us getting to know him and figuring out his schedule. He is a great baby and both Dave and I have enjoyed these first few days with him. Colin is liking him as well - we were afraid he would not since he kept saying he did not want a baby. Colin likes to sit and watch Logan and he will smile and "pet"him. Trevor is the best helper, willing to get diapers, hold bottles, and talk and sing to Logan if we need to do something else. So all is well with us. Next week will be interesting with Logan going to a few doctor's appointments and Dave going back to work. But, thankfully my mom and sister will be helping out with driving me where I need to go.
I guess this is our new life with three boys...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Logan's Early BirthDay

We had an early birthday party Monday January 7, 2008. It all started with my water breaking early Monday morning around 1. I was sure that was not what happened so after an hour or so of debating what I was going to do I finally woke Dave up with those famous words, "Honey, I think my water broke." Dave was up and out of the bed, getting dressed, telling me to call my mom, telling me to get dressed and let's get going. I've never seen him get out of bed so quickly. We got to the hospital around 3:15 in the morning and sure enough the nurse affirmed what had happened. The doctor on call was called and I was in the operating room by 5:30 and Logan was born at 5:57 a.m. It was so strange, having him so early (my due date was not until January 28th) but when Dave and I heard him crying and saw him for the first time we were both excited and happy to welcome him into the family.
The last two days have gone by so quickly. I had the best hospital stay ever with the best nurses looking after Logan and me. My mom was at the hospital that first day to take care of the baby while I tried to rest and Monday and Tuesday night the nursery at the hospital kept Logan so I could sleep. I had such a relaxing time there and really enjoyed the time I had to myself with the baby. Dave did a great job taking care of the boys and running things while I was gone and it was so good to come home this afternoon and see my other boys. Colin looks huge to me now and to our surprise he was really excited to see his new brother. He even wanted to help feed him a bottle and he does not seem too upset that he is no longer the baby in the family. Trevor has already been a big helper and like to just sit and look at his new baby.
It's nice for all of us to be at home now and to have our three boys. I am looking forward to the next few weeks, getting settled in with a new baby and seeing how the boys are. I am feeling so great after this surgery and we are getting so much help from family and friends in the ward that it will make my recovery a little easier. And Dave's parents will be here next week so they will get to see their new grandson before they expected to.
Well I think Little Champ is ready for another bottle....we'll keep everyone posted on how the family is doing and get more pictures up soon!