Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Break

I always imagine that school vacations are going to be super fun, full of smiles and laughs and exciting times. Family outings and fun trips and good memories that the boys will look back on and smile. But in reality, school vacations are more like super lazy kids who don't want to get dressed or get up from the couch, their eyes glued to the TV, moans and groans when I suggest we turn the TV off and go outside to get some fresh air. We never have big plans, but instead we do just little things here and there. We did have some smiles and laughs, we had lots of fights and plenty of tears. For Spring Break this year we had a babysitter for a few hours while I did my Easter shopping, the kids had the afternoon at the park, we spent many hours in my parent's backyard playing basketball, digging to the center of the earth, swinging and pulling kids around in the red wagon. Colin went to the dentist, twice in one day. I cleaned the house only to have it get messy again not even 24 hours later. We called the Tortoise Pet Hotline and were visited by a very nice girl who taught us many things about the desert tortoise and told us we took excellent care of Milo. She then took Milo with her and away to a conservation and research area where the boys were told Milo would be very happy and have many friends to hang out with. Colin cried, Trevor fake cried and Logan cried because everyone else was crying. We had Popsicles, dyed eggs (a very first for my boys) and they helped Dave mow the lawn. I finished my desk! I love the way it came out and now I have to fight Colin for it. He wants it for his drawing desk, I want it for my writing desk. I am not sure if we can share. Today is a picnic and egg hunt at the park and tomorrow Easter dinner at my parent's house. Somewhere I need to fit in an Easter lesson. It's was the most exciting week, but all in all we had a good time. Sometimes it's nice to just relax and have no plans and just do whatever you feel like for the day. But I am looking forward to Monday. I think I do better with schedules and busy kids.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I decided today that I want to be more crafty. I don't mean arts and crafts with my kids. No, no, not that at all. I am really not good at that kind of stuff. What I want to be able to do is make things for my future home-to-be. Lately there is a blog I love. The girl is always making cute things for her house to decorate with: wreaths made of book pages, pillows made from rugs, and all kinds of other cute things. I look at her blog and see how she has set up and decorated her house and it's so cute. Some of the stuff she does I would never do in my own house. I mean she has one room that, to me, looks like a grandma, a very old grandma, decorated it and it's not my style at all. But she has such good ideas and lately I have been planning things I am going to do for my new house. Some of the things I want to do will just have to wait until we move. I'm not going to make a bunch of stuff now and the have to pack it up. But something I've been wanting to do for a long time has been to refinish an old desk we have. It's Dave's desk. Well it was his mom's desk and he got it and when we got married he brought it with him. It's not the cutest thing in the world and I decided that before we moved I wanted it to look cute. So I went to Home Depot today and got my stuff and got started. I am half way done. Everything needs one more coat of stain but I am already liking how it looks. And it was fun! And it wasn't too hard! And I did it all on my own! I can't wait to do more stuff for my house. Here's a sneak peek:



After pictures to come later this week! I can't to see how it all comes together

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trevor's baptism

Trevor got baptized on April 9. It was a great day and we had a great turn out of family and friends. Trevor did so well on the musical number all the kids who are getting baptized sing together and when it was his turn he got right in the water and did not hesitate at all (he's been very nervous because he has a fear of water). It was truly a wonderful day, one I will not soon forget. The spirit was strong and Trevor made us all very proud. He even said to me yesterday, "Mom I can't lie anymore because now I have the Holy Ghost so I will know if it's a lie or not." Nice.

Trevor with Grandma and Grandpa Eyre (they came in from Reno for the occasion).Trevor and his handsome brothers posing for pics before going into the churchDave and Trevor before the baptismTrevor with his friend Luke and Aaron (Aaron is his friend from school. They have been in class together since kindergarten and Trevor really wanted Aaron to come. We told Trevor he's already being a good missionary!)