Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

When we were growing up I always wanted lights on the house at Christmas. We had a huge pine tree in our front yard so one year we put lights on it, but the next day we discovered someone had come and taken all of the lights off. We never attempted it again. Last year, about a week before Christmas Dave went down to Home Depot for something and came back with Christmas lights and a big wreath for the door. This year, we're the first house on the street with our lights up. We have a pretty festive street and we were always the dark house amongst the ones all lit up for Christmas. The boys love it; they "helped" Dave get all of the lights up and then came in and helped me decorate the tree. Colin kept asking when Santa would be here and we had to tell him over and over again not for 25 more days. Then last night Dave and I actually went Christmas shopping for the boys and got all of their gifts in one trip. It's not even December 1st yet and we're done. Usually we're scrambling till the last minute to get their gifts only to discover our limited choices since things they want usually sell out (does anyone else with young boys have to buy Star Wars and Transformers again this year?). It was so fun getting the house all decorated, going out shopping and thinking of how excited the kids will be to open their gifts. But after it was all said and done, the one thing Trevor was really excited about was when I put up the page out of the December Friend where we read scriptures of Christ each night and color in a picture until you get to Christmas day. He has been waiting for December 1st so we can start that. I guess it really is the little ones who always seem to remind us what Christmas is really all about.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not Freezing to Death

Since the weather has been so nice Dave and I decided to whisk the kids away to the beach for a few days. Here is Logan on the beach for the first time....just kidding. That's Colin from 2 years ago. I took some cute pictures of the boys yesterday in the backyard when we were all playing and for the life of me I can't get them from the camera to my computer. So I put this picture up to make my friend Tricia jealous because right now it's as warm as a summer day at the beach. Well, maybe not that warm but it sure is a heck of a nice day. On Sunday one of my friends said she was so sad because she was putting up her Christmas decorations and it was warm and sunny and she was getting hot. She misses the cold and the snow. I don't know how people can miss the cold and the snow when it's so beautiful. I will never understand the love of snow. I lived in it for three years in college and I can honestly say I don't miss it one little bit. Sure it's pretty to look at, but when you have to go out and walk to class and it's 20 degrees and you get all wet from it and your toes start to thank you. I will take 78 degrees in the middle of November any day. So sorry Tricia that you're already freezing to death. I am going to go open another window to let in some of this nice, fall air.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Changes to come....

Our little Logan is ten months old now and he still does not have his own room. He shares the loft upstairs with the computer. Ever since he was born we've wanted to make the loft into a bedroom and move the office downstairs, but we've just never gotten around to it. Until today! Our "guest room" is all cleaned out now and Dave started cutting a hole out of the wall for the new doorway. We have officially started our remodeling project. How long it's all going to take I have no idea, but I can almost see what I want Logan's new room to look like. I just wonder if Trevor and Colin will want the new room and want Logan to move into their room. I guess I don't really care as long as I can have all of my boys upstairs with me and finally have a door to close when I put Logan down for his naps and to sleep at night. I'll have to take pictures of the progress and then post the big reveal. As for Dave's family....sorry but we no longer have a guest room. But that does not mean you can't still come visit. We will always have room.....maybe the playroom?