Monday, December 17, 2007

"Are you taking the baby out?"

This morning as I got the boys ready to go to my dad's house while I went to the doctor for yet another appointment, Trevor looked up at me and asked if I was going to take the baby out today. I told him I wished, but that it would be soon enough. We have one month to go before we welcome our newest addition and with all of the plans we have from now until Christmas I think the next 4 weeks are going to fly by like nothing else. There is a still a lot to do and I look around and see that we are not at all prepared (I need to wash his clothes, get the crib set up, buy diapers and wipes, get the bottles ready, stock up on formula....) but I think we will know a little better this time what to do. It feels nice to know his birthday is set and scheduled (and NO I don't want him to come early - I want it all to go as I planned) and it gives me a little peace of mind knowing what to expect this time.
We still have some last minute Christmas shopping to do (what do you buy parents who have everything?) and some fun things planned for the week - we're going to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory tonight to look at their lights (the have a cactus garden that they decorate for the holidays), Dave's work party is this week, along with getting goodies and gifts ready for friends and family. It will be a fun holiday with the boys counting down and lots of nights planned to spend with family and friends. We hope everyone has a happy holiday and we'll be sure to get Christmas cards out NEXT year for sure! (We will be doing a birth announcement soon enough and we want to include a family picture in that so I figure that will be good enough.) Merry Christmas!!

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The Sewell Family said...

Trevor's question is so cute? I bet he is looking forward to having another brother. Does Collin understand that he will be getting a baby brother? I do hope everything goes as planned for you. What day should you be delivering? I forgot!