Monday, March 3, 2008

Red Rock

We went to Red Rock on Saturday with Dave's family. I hate to admit, but it's the first time we've taken the boys. They had a great time despite the chilly wind. Trevor and Colin both surprised me by being good climbers! We will definitely come back again since we all had such a fun time. Dave giving his boys a piggy back ride after hiking around. They were tired and wanted to be carried.
Dave with Trevor and Colin and his sister Debbie and her daughter Aubrey at the top of a mountain they all climbed. (I had Logan in a carrier so I could not climb up with them, so I took the pictures instead.)

Look at Trevor climb! He looks like Spiderman.

Trevor and Colin with their cousins Aubrey and Lauren playing at Red Rock.


Marylin and Jimmy said...

How fun! Oh and I got your announcement, it is sooo cute and I love how your family pics turned out, good choice, I know you had debated on a couple different pics! :)

The Sewell Family said...

Trevor does look like Spiderman. Great pictures. You are not the only one who doesn't take advantage of the beautiful outside areas of Las Vegas.