Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cute Stuff

Trevor says the funniest things sometimes. Here are a few from just today:

"Mom, I am tired of walking up and down the stairs. I want an ellagater." (that is how he says elevator). Thanks Lisa for the ride on your mom's!

"I think I want to be a crossing guard. Then I can put my hand out and stop the cars, or I can move my hand and make the cars go." I then explained a police office directs traffic and a crossing guard helps kids cross the street on their way to school. So then he said, "Well then I'll just be a train conductor."

And last night I was downstairs and the boys were in bed. I hear Logan just coughing like crazy so I come upstairs and Trevor is sitting up in bed. He says to me, "Mom, I said a prayer so Little Champ could get better because he is sick. I think that will work." How sweet is that?


Jess said...

So cute! Luke used to call the elevator an "elegator" too. I love the prayer for Little Champ, that IS really sweet.

johnny and steph said...

That is so cute! I need to be better at writing down the things my kids say, when they get older, they don't say as much of the sweet, funny innocent stuff! Thanks for sharing,

Lisa Tippetts said...

HA! Your Welcome! That is so funny. Tell Trevor he can ride in our "elegator" anytime!

The Sewell Family said...

Kids say the funniest things, and sometimes they are a little embarrassing too.