Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Beans

It's not very often that we're sitting at the table for dinner and I hear the words, "Mom, can I have more green beans? They're delicious." But maybe the next thing I heard was the reason for Trevor's new found love of green beans. "These are good, but the ones from grandma's garden are even better." Grandma's garden has been a fun thing for all of us this summer. Trevor will go out and pick peas and eat them right out of the pod (they are so sweet and good that way) and Trevor and Colin like to look and see what is out there growing. I guess people are right when they tell you that if you want your kids to eat vegetables you've got to get them in the garden and in the kitchen. Whatever my mom is growing, whatever the boys have looked at and picked they seem to be more interested in. Trevor and Colin both tried tomatoes the last time I put them in salad, they love peas and carrots and of course last night's green beans. Logan even ate his green beans which was a shocker to me. I always make the boys at least taste what is on their plate. "You might just like it," I tell them. And I think after tasting it so many times they are starting to like it. I've wanted to try a garden before I've just never know how to get started or what you're supposed to plant and when. But now that my mom has her garden growing and is a little bit of an expert on planting and caring for vegetables I may just have to have her teach me what she knows. I mean Logan goes out back and eats leaves off trees so I might as well have something back there good and healthy he can much on, right?

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Steph said...

Oh, I love green beans from the garden. I also need to plant a garden sometime. I keep saying next year and It has been 5 next years. I am so with you on the all boy post. I used to get that all the time. Now I get the stares of having 5 kids. Although the girls do get alot of attention, some of it can be pretty mean. Oh, well, I love my kiddos and wouldnt change my life for anyone. Have a great day.