Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good dancin'

Dave was working out the other night in the garage (come on ladies, we all want our husbands to have bodies like Jacob in New Moon...or Hugh Jackman in any of his movies) and the boys were out listening to his music and dancing. When I got the camera out to record them Trevor decided to ham it up. He seriously cracks me up in this video. Sometimes I do not know where that boys gets the stuff he says and does. One day he will see this and be embarrassed but for now it's fun for all.


Erika said...

Come on, Kasey. Back in our singles' ward days, you were always busting these moves out, especially the punch yourself in the head bit. I'm pretty sure that's the first thing that attracted Dave to you.

Jess said...

That's hilarious! Those boys have got some moves.

Steph said...

and Colin copying what Trevor does :)ahhh...the middle child!