Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Logan turns 2

Logan's birthday is this week. He will be 2. Dave and I remember when Trevor turned 2 everyone warned us about the terrible twos. We prepared ourselves and we waited and waited but 2 was a great age for Trevor and for Colin. It was 3 and 4 that were difficult (and also 6 for Trevor). Logan has already had his fair share of tantrums and trouble making, but he is actually a really, really good boy. Some things about Logan:
  • he loves sharing a room with his 2 older brothers
  • he wants to do everything his older brothers do
  • he is very good at helping - he likes to help sweep the floor, put away the clean dishes, wipe the counters and anything else we are doing to clean up
  • he goes down for naps and bedtime really well if Dave does it, but gets up a lot when Mom does it
  • he talks a lot, is starting to sing songs, LOVES to be read to
  • Logan is a great little boy with lots of energy, a good heart and mostly good intentions

Trevor and Colin meeting Logan for the first time

Logan at 6 months old

His first birthday - he sure loved his cake!

Trying to fill his Daddy's shoes


Heidi said...

The picture of him w/ cake all over his face is SO adorable!! Happy Birthday Logan!

Kel said...

Time goes by so fast! (I feel like I'm always saying that.) What great pictures of Logan! I loved the one of him with his cake too.

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!! Looks like he had a great time. Larry said it was nice to see all of you guys a few weeks ago. We should get together more often?

Steph said...

sounds good. let me know