Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo Shoot

My friend, Celise, posted on FB a few months ago that she had just bought a new camera and was going to be working on starting a photography business. I immediately volunteered my family for practice. Celise wanted some time to work on figuring out her camera and learning a little about photography so we planned to do a photo shoot in the spring. I wanted to do the pictures at Floyd Lamb Park. I have seen pictures of friends taken there and I thought it would be a lot of fun. So Saturday was the day and as we drove out to the park we noticed signs advertising a festival. So the park was out. We ended up just driving to a park near by and Celise tried to get some shots in, but the boys were too busy trying to run away to play on the playground. After the shoot was over Celise suggested we try again at a different location and she wanted to try in the evening to get shots in different light. I happily agreed. The new location will be Spring Mountain Ranch and we decided to make it a fun family outing complete with picnic dinners and time for the kids to play. It's nice having talented friend who want to practice their talents on you. Hopefully we'll soon have some nice, new pictures to post.

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