Monday, October 17, 2011

School pictures

I don't like buying school pictures. They are too expensive and a lot of the time I don't like the way the kids look in them. Their hair gets messed up, their smile is off, they have chocolate pudding on their face from lunch. So I took some pictures of the boys before school and this is their picture for the year.

Trevor: age 8; 3rd grade; Mrs.Martin's class

likes: having friends in his class, doing homework on the computer, recess, playing with Colin on the playground this year, art, music, library, PE (sometimes. He liked playing golf last week).

Trevor is doing great this year! He said 3rd grade is really hard with a lot of challenging work, but he's getting really good grades. His goal for the year is to get the A/B honor roll. Trevor has really matured over the summer and his behavior in class has been excellent. He likes his teacher and has a lot of friends in class that he's known since kindergarten.

Colin: age 6; 1st grade; Mrs. DeVoid's class

likes: eating lunch at school, the big kid playground, art, music, PE, library, doing science, playing with friends.

Colin has really enjoyed 1st grade and he has a great teacher! He has made a lot of new friends and his classmates are all so nice. He enjoys learning new things this year but it was a little difficult getting used to being at school all day. He's doing great in his subjects and comes home every day with fun stories from school.

Logan: age 3; pre-pre-school; Mom's class

likes: going to the library and the park, going grocery shopping, reading books, playing with Legos and computer, watching Backyardagins, riding his bike, walking to school with his brothers and carrying a lunchbox like they do.

Logan enjoys being home with me but really misses his brothers. Every morning we walk Trevor and Colin to school and when the bell rings, Logan has to give them both big hugs. He LOVES when they come home from school and he has a buddy to hang out with. He likes doing "homework" when his brother's do and he can't wait to go to school for real!

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GHFamily said...

I love these pictures! What beautiful kids-just like their mom!