Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 days

In 10 days my baby will be 5. He was supposed to be born at the end of January but he decided to come 20 days early. He was anxious to join our family. I remember a day when Trevor and Colin were around 4 and 2 years old and I was getting lunch ready. When I called them into the kitchen to come to the table the two of them came running. I saw them sitting there and then I looked back towards the hall because I knew someone was missing. Isn't that funny? There was such a strong impression that I actually looked and expected another kid to come running to the table. That was my Logan. He was ready and I was  not so he had to nudge me. He was my best baby. The easiest baby. He was sweet and good, he was always happy. I took my time and really enjoyed him. I held him a lot and he let me. 5 means big kid. It means going to school soon and being away from home more. But then it also means I get to go and help in his class and see him learning new things and making friends. Logan has such a strong personality. When he was little I thought he was going to be really shy but he's a lot more outgoing now and he has a stubborn streak in him. He's totally a mama's boy but he loves his time with Dave. He loves to ride his bike but he does not want his training wheels off. He loves to read books, play with Legos, play computer games and watch TV and movies. He's funny and smart, he likes when we do preschool at home and he loves going to "school" at the library for story time or to my friend Jamie's classroom. He still sleeps with his baby blanket and almost every night he gets out of bed to sleep on the floor. He loves his brothers but he hates being the youngest and  always asks why he couldn't have been born first.
New born Logan with his big brothers
Logan on his 1st birthday
2 years old - this is how he used to smile

3 year old - loves his Mama!

4 years old - almost 5

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