Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Tuesday night our family went to the church where we had our annual Halloween Party. We started out with a soup dinner followed by a cake walk and then trick or treating in the parking lot. We had a great turn out and the parking lot was full of people who decorated the trunks of their cars to hand out candy.

Trevor went as a ghost and got a lot of compliments on his simple costume (thanks Mom!). Colin went as a lion (Trevor's costume 2 years ago) and he had fun practicing his roar. The kids could not sit still and kept running around with their friends and checking out all of the other costumes. Trevor was the social one of the night and continued finding a new table to sit at to talk to whoever was there, or going up to the big kids to show off his costume and ask them about theirs. It was a fun night and by the time Halloween is over we will have more than enough candy in the house.


The Sewell Family said...

The holidays are so different now that we have kids in the pictures. Your mom did a great job on the ghost costume!! Our trunk or treat is tonight. I'll post some pictures on my blog tomorrow.

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Hello! I am so glad you guys had fun last night! We were doing the same with my parents ward, you will have to check out the pics! :) Oh and tell the boys their costumes are great! :)