Friday, October 26, 2007

Trevor, Colin and Little Champ

Ever since we found out we were having another boy Trevor decided his name was going to be Little Champ. That is what Trevor calls him and Dave and I find ourselves calling him that as well. I am on the search now for anything baby clothing that says "Little Champ" on it. So far I have found "little slugger" and things like that but not what we need.

Trevor is in preschool now - he goes 2 days a week and he seems to be liking it. He does a lot of fun things and always comes home excited to tell me what they did and, especially, what they had for a snack that day. I think he spends most of his time setting up his trains (Mom can I set up the Island of Sodor in the living room? he will ask - that is where the Thomas train and all of his friends live for anyone who does not know). He is way into "danger" when he plays trains. He always sets up the bridge so that when the trains go on it they will crash and fall and the other trains will come and rescue the one in danger. But Trevor definitely has the best imagination ever and he notices and remembers everything. When he is telling us something it takes forever because he goes into such detail with it all. Trevor for sure loves his brother and he can't wait for Little Champ to be born. He already tells me he is going to share is precious blanket and puppy with Little Champ and sing songs to him when he cries and he is going to pick him up if he falls down. Yesterday we were at my dad's house and my brother was there with his ten month old son. Trevor was so sweet to him and said "I'll take care of him, Mom." And he did. I can't wait to see how he is when his brother is born. He was good with Colin and he was only 2 when he was born so it will be fun to see how he is as an older big brother with experience.

What can we say about Colin. The kid is a disaster waiting to happen, but he always seems to come out okay in the end. Last night after his bath he almost swallowed a small toy he was playing with. Luckily Dave flipped him over and pounded him on the back and got it to come right out. But it scared us all, Colin most of all and I hope that will be a lesson for him. A few months ago I noticed how quiet it was upstairs and came up to check on the boys. What I found was Trevor playing the computer and Colin in the bathroom, Trevor's bottle of Singulair empty next to him. I asked Colin where the medicine was (how the heck he got the child proof cap off I will never know) and he pointed to his mouth and said "I eat it". I called Poison Control (for the first time ever - thank goodness) and the lady reassured me that the medicine was not harmful and he would be fine. Colin will climb and jump off of things, he is not afraid of heights, that is for sure. He is not cautious at all and if he sees Trevor doing it he thinks he can too. But he's so funny too with his facial expressions, funny comments and you should see him dance.


The Sewell Family said...

I am so glad you joined the blogging world. It is a lot of fun and very addicting. It's also great for journaling. I copy everything I put on ours into a word document. I can't wait to hear all about your family.

Marylin and Jimmy said...

Hello there, so glad you got your blog set up! It is fun having another friend on here! You will have to check ours out if you haven't already!