Friday, January 23, 2009

The little things

I've been noticing lately some little things that make me very happy.....
  • The last few nights Colin has eaten all of his dinner and said, "This is good, Mom."
  • Trevor has come home from school with a stamp on his hand every day for the past three months (that means he had a good day!)
  • Logan's sloppy kisses
  • I mopped my kitchen floor last night and no one spilled juice or milk on it during breakfast
  • When it's been time to clean up toys Trevor gets right to it and Colin no longer uses his usual excuse - "I can't cween up I siiiiick!"
  • I slept in until 7:30 the other day....I did not even hear the kids wake up
  • Listening to Logan talk in his baby babble
  • Yesterday Trevor and Colin played so good together - I don't think there was a fight all day
  • When I was at Target the other day the quilts I've been wanting for the boys' new room were 50 % OFF!!
  • The last few days I've walked Trevor to school I've had to take my sweater off because it was so warm


Heidi said...

Those are all wonderful things to be happy about!! My favorite is the "I can't cween up I sick." That sounds like Arielle! Glad you got a good deal at Target on the quilts!!! I LOVE Target!

When is our next girls night out??

Jess said...

It is always good to notice the happy things. I was just thinking I need to focus more on the little things that make me happy throughout the day. Thanks for the reminder! I am so glad you were able to get the quilts you wanted and at 50% off. Gotta love that!

Steph said...

I need to start noticing the little things too! Maybe I wouldn't be so grouchy all the time :) Hope you had a great bday! I think Kimmy got married that day... Jan 15th?