Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Logan's new trick

Logan has just discovered how to climb onto a chair and then onto the table. He usually does this when he sees that his brothers are finished eating and left a plate or bowl with food still on the table. He gets right up and starts to eat what was left and then makes a mess on the floor by spilling everything. In the last few days he's also learned how fun it is to be on top of the desk in the den. There are usually toys up there, paper, pencils and pens. Today he got up to play with Mac (named after the truck in the movie Cars) and took a moment to draw a little on the paper Colin left. I love when my little ones get old enough to move around on their own and I LOVE when they can finally walk, but now we have this to deal with. Each boy has had something we've had to deal with - Trevor loved to pull all of the DVDs off the shelf when he was this age, Colin would get into cabinets and pull everything out, take all of the toilet paper off the rolls, and now we have Logan. He is just as curious as Colin was but I think he also wants to be a big boy like his brothers so he tries a little harder to do what he sees them doing. Maybe this means he'll grow up a little faster, or maybe he'll always feel a little left behind. But, he is a sweet boy even when he is up to his elbows in toilet water.


Beverly B. said...

Wow! What a climber. I'm gald Cameron hasn't tried that trick yet. I'm not ready for that yet.

Steph said...

Ahhh what a fun age... I don't miss it :) Have fun with the climbing, next it'll be jumping!

johnny and steph said...

Don't just love this stage! I'm sorry I wasn't able to come, Johnny was on a camp out. When is April's?