Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mother/Son Dance

On Thursday Trevor's school put on a mother/son dance. I was excited to go but I wondered how Trevor would be. He is a really outgoing kid, but there have been times where he's been shy to do things when a lot of people are around or watching. Not the case at the dance! As soon as we got there Trevor ran onto the floor and started dancing. He had asked me before if there would be break dancing, so all night he kept doing some moves (I'm still trying to figure out where he learned how to break dance). At one point he tried to spin on his head but I told him it could be dangerous and not to try it again. I had a good time with him, we danced together and it was so fun seeing him dancing and having fun with his friends. After an hour of being there Trevor fell onto the floor and said, "I'm done with this party" and we came home. When Dave asked how the dance was Trevor said, "It was fun. I was a rock star." That he was.


Heidi said...

That is so sweet! How fun!

Marylin and Jimmy said...

What a fun night!! Hey I saw your sister today!! I will call you Monday to give ya the scoop if you haven't talked to her yet!! Small world I tell ya!!

Steph said...

I love that! I wish my kids school would do that... maybe the PTA can do that next year (marylin ???) I think Zack would have a good time and Matty would get all embarrassed :)
P.S.I commented on your girls night too ( I know it's late :)