Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick Get-away

We didn't do a summer vacation this year so we've needed to do something that felt like a little out of the ordinary. Trevor kept asking if we could go to the mountains. "The real mountains, not that ones that have cactus." He meant not Red Rock. So we packed a lunch, got the kids in the car, picked up my parents and headed out. It was so perfect up there - cooler weather, not too many people and the boys like hiking and running around. We didn't end up staying for too long, but while we were there it was a nice break. Trevor thought we were going camping so he was a little disappointed, but I told him we'd go one of these days; we just need a tent. I think we're going back up this week. My mom has some days off from work so we're going to go up with them and my sister and her kids. That will be fun. It's always nice when we get all of the cousins together. It's almost time for school, so these last few fun things are making the summer seem not wasted, but enjoyed.


Heidi said...

That is so fun! Your boys are so cute! We are going to the beach the weekend before school starts.... just a quick trip, but at least Cadence will be able to enjoy a few days off before school starts again! I don't know about you, but this past school year has gone WAY to fast for me!

Karen said...

I tried to send you an email from the one that is on my blog permissions list and it came back as a bad email address. Will you send me a FB message and give me your current email address. Do you need a new invitation to my blog?