Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trevor's first day of school

No, I don't have any pictures of Trevor on the first day of school, or the second or third. I forgot. I completely forgot to take a picture of him before he left for his first day of first grade. Could be that the camera isn't working, or it could be that I am horrible at taking pictures of my kids. I am sometimes surprised they have baby books. Trevor had a good first week. He had a few mishaps (getting a hot lunch for three days when I packed a lunch for him - he said he "forgot" where his lunchbox was) but all in all he did well. This week he missed 2 days of school because of strep throat and then did not want to go back because I made the mistake of letting him watch TV and play on the days he was sick. I finally got him to school this morning (late) because I told him if he was sick he had to stay in bed all day and when he figured out I meant it, he was suddenly feeling better. Trevor has been pretty forgetful this week; left his lunchbox at school, forgot his reading folder twice, forgot to give his teacher his sick note twice. But I was reminded by some good friends that he's just a little boy and first grade is a big adjustment. Today I was no longer Mean Mom when he came home from school without his reading folder and the sick note still in his "Friday Folder", but I just said, "Try and remember next time." I hope the rest of the year is not as long as these first two weeks have been. One of these days I'm sure he'll get it.

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Heidi said...

I totally feel the same way you do. It has been a very big adjustment for everyone in our family! I hope this year goes by just as fast as last year! I am so glad that it is a 3 day weekend!!