Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Happened

Last night Logan did not want to go to bed. The boys were playing and he wanted to stay with them. So when I put him in his crib screaming he did what any 22 month old would - he climbed right out of his crib. Then, this morning Dave woke up first and about a half hour later he came in our room and said, "Did you get Logan out of his crib?" When I told him no he said, "Well he just came downstairs all by himself." So he climbed out again. I was just thinking the other day how nice it was that he had not tried to climb out of his crib, how nice that he still could be a little contained. Not anymore. Dave took the crib down today (we learned from Colin it's better to stop trying to keep them in their crib...once they know how to get out they always get out) so Logan is officially a "big boy". Trevor was excited. When he saw the crib coming down he said, "Now Logan can sleep in our room." So we talked it over and I think we're going to have all three boys sleep in one room (bunk beds for Christmas!), move the playroom upstairs and turn the old playroom into a guest room. And Dave said I could decorate it however I want as long as it's not too "girly". Yipee! We'll see how the boys' room situation works. I worry we'll have some cranky kids who get woken up by their little brother. But it is pretty sweet they all want to be together. Now I just need to get someone to take a really cute picture of the three of them to hang in their "new"room. That would be you, Marylin!


Heidi said...

That is exciting!! You will have to let me know how he does in a big boy bed!

Beverly B. said...

I excited that C is not a baby anymore but also a little sad. It is getting so much easier. It's nice to make changes. We just took down the changing table and are now using pull-ups but I'm keeping him in the crib as long as I can. He hasn't successfully escaped yet.

Jess said...

I have yet to have a kid climb out of their crib and that is why they are in them forever. I can't believe Logan is old enough to be in a big boy bed. That is cute that they all want to be together. It would be so nice if it works out and to have the extra room.