Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm not really a huge fan of change. My whole life growing up I lived in the same house, had the same friends; everything was comfortable and predictable. I like when things are easy, when I know what is going on and when I know where I am going to be. I like digging roots and staying in one place for a long time. Dave, on the other hand, moved a lot in his family so he is used to change. He is outgoing and in a new situation he can strike up a conversation with anyone. We are moving. I don't know exactly when or where, but I've got boxes in the guest room and the garage, and I'm starting to fill them. We didn't plan on moving from this house but things happen and changes come. I know we won't be going far. It's not like we're moving to a different city or state - we're not even moving to a different side of town. Most likely we'll be in the same neighborhood, but in a new ward, maybe the boys going to a new school (the one my mom works at so that would actually be fun!). And even though I know this is the right thing for us and I know it's not forever, it's still been a little hard on me. Some days I will cry when I think about the wall we've used to measure the boys as they've grown the past 5 years. Other times I'll be excited at a prospects of house shopping again in a few years to find our "dream home", the place we will stay and raise our boys. Sometimes I think of the people we already know in the other wards and I think it will be a fun change, but then other times the thought of being the "new girl" makes me nervous. I worry about the boys, but I know they'll be fine - Trevor is like Dave in that he can make a friend where ever he goes and Colin just goes along with the flow and doesn't seem to have a care in the world. It's really not that big of a change when I stop to think about it, but girls get attached to things like houses. In my heart I know it will all work out, I know we're doing the right thing, I know we'll be in the right places at the right times and all will be well. A wise woman I've known all of my life said to me the other day, "As long as you have your family with you everything will be all right." And she is right.


Heidi said...

I bet you are excited, but sad at the same time. It will be fun to look for a new house! Have you sold your house already? Good luck w/ everything!

Marylin said...

Oh my friend this post made me tear up a bit cause I know how much that home means to you! I am sorry that all of this is going on, but I know you will grow from the experience and in the end it will be ok! Call me next week k! Miss you and hugs!