Monday, February 1, 2010


I called the medical advice line at the doctor's office this morning to see what I should do about Logan. I took him in on Friday for croup and he got a shot of something that made his croupy cough go away but now he's coughing like crazy and he and I have not gotten a good night's sleep for a couple of days now. He's cranky and the past 2 days he's ASKED to take a nap and last night he went to bed at 6 and fell right to sleep. So I'm thinking he must be REALLY sick. The nurse called me back once already, but she had to check with the doctor so now I'm going to just wait. She might call back soon or I might not hear back from her until the end of the day. I keep wondering if I should just go and do my grocery shopping now, or if as soon as I leave the house the phone will ring. I guess times like this are why people have cell phones. But I don't have one so I'll just sit and wait some more while I listen to Logan hacking away.


Heidi said...

Poor baby. I hope that you got a call back today!
We don't even have a home phone in our house. My hubby has his cell, and I have mine.

Hope he feels better soon, and you all get some sleep:-)

Erika said...

I've been in that boat. No cell here, either. I hope your baby boy feels better soon.