Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our new baby

Yesterday our neighbors came by with a little baby they wanted us to adopt. It was a baby turtle and they wanted to make sure he got a good home. The boys were way excited to have a pet and after much discussion we decided to name him Mylo. We found a good place in the backyard for him to live and he seems happy there. I told the boys he will be hibernating soon and that turtles don't come out very often, just to get food and water and explore a little. But they are still really excited for Mylo to live with us. And Mylo will be the only pet these boys will ever have.


Heidi said...

How cute! My brother had a turtle for a few years. They are a good pet to have... very low maintenance!

Erika said...

You, obviously, feel the same way about pets as I do.

Jess said...

We have our 3 turtles and they are the easiest pets in the world. Ours started hibernating in November and came back out in March or April. Love the name!