Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My kids love Halloween. They loved driving around the neighborhood looking for houses that were decorated and they constantly made plans for costumes and trick-or-treating and trading candy. We usually decorate the house with a graveyard, but this year (because everything was packed away) we kept the decorations simple and decided to just take out a couple of things. The week of Halloween was full of parties at school, church and grandma's house. Unfortunately, that week was also full of the stomach flu. But all three boys had it the same day so it wasn't too bad. Trevor and Colin enjoyed their school parties and going to the church trunk-or-treat (I stayed home with Logan who was still a little sick from the flu) and then trick-or-treating to all of the scary house (some a little too scary for Logan). It was a fun holiday but Dave and I both decided that next year, no matter where we're living we are going to go full out for Halloween. After all, it's all about making good memories for our kids.

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