Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We went out to lunch on Saturday with Dave's parents who were here in town visiting. When the waitress came to the table I noticed she was limping. I had just been to the foot doctor and got my foot all wrapped up so I wondered what was wrong with her. The next time she came to the table I asked why she was limping. She told us she tore a ligament in her knee. I mentioned it was too bad she had to work with a hurt knee and her response was, "The doctor didn't want me to come to work but I begged him to let me work. I am the only one who takes care of my kids so I have to get paid." At that moment I was so thankful for my husband. So thankful for the work he does for our family so I can stay home with our children and so thankful for his knowledge and skills that have always allowed us to pay our bills. We don't always have money for the things we want, but we always have money for the things we need. I have been reminded so often these past few weeks of how blessed I really am and it's something that I've needed. I love how the Lord knows what we need and when we need it. I love how He shows His love to us in even the smallest of ways and how those moments stick with us through the tough times to pull us through.


GHFamily said...

What a nice post.

Heidi said...

That is a very nice post. I am glad that I get to stay home with my babies also!
Hope your foot feels better:-)

Erika said...