Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The house that built me

There is a song I hear on the radio that I just love. It's called "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert and of course I cry when I hear it. I pretty much grew up in the same house my whole life and so I can relate to that song. And I want for my kids what I had. A house where your roots got dug down deep. When Dave and I got our first house we knew we would not live there forever. We knew it would be the starter home, the one we started a family in and then moved along when we started to grow too big for it. And we loved that house. It was a good house. And we had fun looking for it. Our second house (pictured above) was supposed to be "the house." The one we raised our kids in, the one they came home from college to visit and home from their missions to. And we had fun looking for that house. I remember when we first walked inside we both got that "this is it" feeling and we knew that was the one for us. But things happened and that house is gone. And now we're looking again. Except this time it's not so fun. It's stressful and frustrating. There is a lot of waiting and unknowns and more waiting. And all of the houses we've looked at I haven't had that "this is it" feeling and that is really bugging me. I want the right house, on the right street, in the right neighborhood, in the right ward to raise my boys. But then I was thinking today and I thought it's really not about the house. Not really. I mean we want a house we like, one that fits our family, something we'll enjoy. But really, it's about who is in that house. The family we are, the friends who enter. That is what is going to build us, build our boys. Not the house, but the people who enter in it. Now all I need to do is just remember that and all will be well.


Beverly B. said...

I lived in 5 houses while I was growing up. I enjoyed moving because change was fun for me. I think it was also good to know that my family was the same no matter where we lived. Now it helps me remember what age I was when something happened based on where I was living out the time.

I hope you find something soon. It will all work in the long run. Hang in there:)

Kelli said...

I know the feeling...I drive past my old house all the time and I always get the urge to pull over and knock on the door. I'm so curious to see how it looks with other people living in it!

Good luck with the home search!

Borino said...

Thank you for being such a good example to me. You are such a strong woman and know what s bless for your family. You are right, things do happen for a reason and all that matters is that you are together as a family!! Love ya!