Friday, January 27, 2012


I am a terrible speller. When I was younger I hated spelling tests. When I was a teacher I hated giving spelling tests. I think they are dumb and stupid and do not make someone a good speller. Some kids are naturally good spellers. Mine are not. They have to really study to learn their words and in the process there is much fighting, whining, tantrums, yelling, crying, and arguing. Computer time was taken away and replaced with studying for spelling. Last week I was Mean Mom because I made them study their words over and over and over again. I gave oral quizzes and written quizzes. And then came the bribe. If they passed their test with an A or B they would get to go get a milkshake after school today. And hallelujah they did it! It's the highest grade on a spelling test Trevor has gotten this year. Hopefully now he'll have a little more confidence in himself to pass the rest of his tests. Colin has been doing well the last few weeks, but it's always good to keep that child motivated. When they came home from school today they were happy and smiling and excited. And I was excited to take them for their reward. I was a proud Mom, a nice Mom. Sometimes all they need is a little push, a little something to get their minds in the right place, to give them the incentive they need to work hard for something. And next time they have a test, I hope their incentive will be that they want to study because they liked the feeling they got when they saw their grade; when they saw what came of their hard work.

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