Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Subway Art/Prints

I didn't know what subway art was until I was visiting teaching and saw a cute Thanksgiving printable in a frame. Then I started looking up "subway art" online and on pinterest (addicting!!) and discovered it was something I was already doing! There are a few blogs/websites I love looking at for ideas for home decorating and is one of my favorites. She has a business where she sells printed art and I have stolen some of her ideas and made things for myself at home. I've also gotten ideas from other places and with my scrapbook software I've made my own. I am not a very crafty person so when I can make something to decorate my home with I get super excited. I have ideas for more thing and hopefully soon I'll be showing off pictures of my re-decorated downstairs bathroom. I love this house and I love doing things to make it "ours". (Top picture - Logan wanted a picture of us. Isn't he so cute? Home Sweet Home was my first print, I got the idea off Jones Design company. Family Rules - I did this on a canvas with blue and yellow, but when we moved I wanted something nicer in a frame. Dave printed it off at work so I could get the bigger size. The quote from The Family: A Proclamation was an idea I got from Sugardoodle...I tried to print theirs off, but couldn't get the color I wanted in the size I wanted so I made my own. I got the monogram idea from Jones Design as well. I needed something red for the boys room. I just need frames and then they can go up.)


Jess said...

Those look so great! Good job! I love the way you did their initials.

Cassidy said...

Cute! I didn't know you had a blog! DO post pics of your bathroom! I love to see how people decorate. I still have two bathrooms that need to be painted