Monday, March 12, 2012


Yesterday was Trevor's birthday. He turned 9. He wanted to know what time he was born so he would know the exact moment he turned 9. It was at 3:29 p.m. and unfortunately I was taking my Sunday nap at that time and forgot to announce he was 9. Oh well. Maybe next year.
For his birthday he wanted to go to Flip N Out with some friends, then come home and have stuffed crust pizza and play video games. He did all of that with a sinus headache (darn allergies!). Sunday they did a Spotlight on him in Primary. I wish I had my camera because he had the biggest freaking smile on his face during his Spotlight. Then he sat in Primary the rest of the time while his sweet teacher rubbed his head and his back for him. He had another sinus headache. We had Cheese Soup for dinner, Trevor's favorite, and my parents and sister came over to eat and have another round of singing and cake and candles. Today I'm taking treats into his classroom. What a birthday weekend!
I like when my kids have birthdays because it makes me remember when they were born and what cute babies they were. And Trevor was such a cute baby. I can't believe he's 9.
Here are 9 things about Trevor:
1. He enjoys reading books with interesting facts
2. He thinks 3rd grade is so hard because all they do is work, work, work
3. He is now a Bear Cub Scout! He enjoyed being a wolf and is looking forward to the Pine Wood Derby this month
4. He wants to make a TV show when he grows up and he is always telling us scenes from his show
5. He is the first of his brothers to want to go to bed at night (just like his mother!)
6. His favorite thing to do after school or on weekends is to relax in front of the television
7. He no longer lets me kiss him good-bye at school
8. His favorite dinners are cheese soup and taco salad
9. He has a big heart and is always wanting to do nice things for others

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He is so dang cute!