Friday, March 23, 2012

Guest bathroom - phase 2

If you're ever going to paint cabinets then learn from my mistake and use a roller and not a brush. I started painting the cabinets on Wednesday and just finished today. It was taking forever and the paint didn't seem to be covering the yellow wood color and I could see brush strokes. So today I decided I was going to just roll some paint onto the back of the cabinet door and wouldn't you know it was so fast and covered so well! I was a little bummed that I had not discovered that earlier. But now I have a strong desire to paint the cabinets in the boys' bathroom now that I know how to make it go a little faster.
I still have some little touch-ups to do, my mom is in the process of whipping up some curtains and I have some ideas for easy wall hangings that I want to do to add some little pops of yellow. It's looking pretty white and bland. But I do love it. I love how clean and fresh it looks! Hopefully in a week my bathroom will be complete. Phase 3 this week will be adding accessories. Who knew home improvement could be so much fun?

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