Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not all boys play sports

When people find out we have all boys, they very often assume that our house is like an ESPN zone full of sports on TV, practices and games. But in reality we are quite the opposite. Growing up, my dad and brother loved sports and very often the TV was tuned into one game or another. I always said that when I got married my husband was not going to watch sports on TV and I got what I wanted. Dave is not into sports, he doesn't follow any teams and we don't watch games on television. He played a few sports in high school, but it was never really a big interest of his and there were other things he liked better. My boys don't play sports and we have never taken them to a sporting event. It's just not something we're very into. I've had conversations with people before who have told me that if I want a well-rounded son I need to get them into a sport. I have had people before tell me that if I don't get my sons in a sport when they are young, they will have no chance of being on a team when they are older. I know lots of boys who play sports, who are athletic and love going to practices and games, who are competitive and enjoy being on a team. I think that's great and good for them. But not all boys play sports. A while back Dave and I asked Trevor if he wanted to try to play soccer or baseball. His answer was, "I'm more of an indoor kid. I really don't like playing sports." And that was fine with me. If he doesn't want to play a sport, then I'm not going to make him. Trevor has expressed an interest in golf recently, after watching it at my dad's house. I'd like to take him golfing and see how he does, how he likes it. And if he does like it, then maybe when he's a little older we can get him into some lessons or take him more often. But I'm in no rush to get him going now. Colin likes to draw. He will draw for hours at a time. Recently he's also been making his own  books, little stories he writes and illustrates. Colin also loves to swim and he's by far the best swimmer in the family. I love that we have a pool and he can swim as much as he wants. Someday it would be nice if he can be on a team, but I'm not going to worry about it now. Logan is more naturally athletic than his brothers. He runs better and likes to be outside more. Maybe when he gets into school and starts taking PE he'll come home excited about a sport, maybe he'll show an interest and want to be on a team. But for now I don't worry about it because, honestly, I don't think it's that big of a deal. Every family does things a little bit different but that doesn't make one better than the other. My kids have different interests, different personalities, but that doesn't mean they are worse off or better off than another kid. We're just doing the best we can with the things we've been given.    

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GHFamily said...

I hope you didn't blog about this because someone made you feel bad about the boys. If they did, time to get rid of them.
My sons are all different too. Jesse loves sports. Kel loves martial arts. Luke likes to lift weights and Michael would rather stay inside. Why do people who don't know our kids think they can do a better job? Irritating.