Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swim lessons

When Trevor was three we were at a 4th of July swim party and BBQ at a friend's house. She had a pool and Trevor fell in. He was at the deep end of the pool reaching for a toy when he fell. Most of us were out of the pool eating at the time, but thankfully one of the adults was still in there swimming. He got Trevor (but not before he went under) and pulled him out. Trevor was fine, but after that he was afraid of going under the water. Because of that experience I put Trevor and Colin in swim lessons a few years later. I wanted them comfortable in the water and to know what to do if they ever fell in. Swim lessons were good, but it wasn't until we had our own pool that the kids really started to learn how to swim. This summer Logan started out not wanting to go under water and only got into the pool if he was surrounded by anything that helped him to float. Day after day I would try and get Logan to let me help him swim but he refused. But then he went from arm floaties and a tub around his body to just the arm floaties and then Trevor got him to put his face in the water. Before I knew it Logan had taken his arm floaties off and was jumping in the pool to swim. Dave and I worked with him to show him how to swim under water, how to come up for a breath if he needed and he was off. In just a few weeks of swimming on his own he's doing so great. And now he'll swim to t he bottom of the shallow end to get toys, venturing out a little deeper each time we swim. I love having a pool and I love that each summer my kids and getting better and better at swimming. Colin is the best swimmer of the three, but I think by the end of next summer Logan just might catch up to him.

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GHFamily said...

My kids all went through swimming lessons too and 3 to date have been lifeguards. Great job Kasey!